Today is the final day,

What else would have happened?

Because it was the only way.

The only way to stop the crime,

The only way our earth would shine.

All the things you did,

Bad or good you muddled.

So the God said,

"Doom them instead."

You make everyone cringe,

You have insulted him.

Now wait and watch ,

The Lord will play with you ,

Just like a sling.

You didn't understand His way of teaching,

The time you wasted!

In just preaching,preaching and preaching.

The atom bombs you made,

That all his creations started to fade,

Wait for sometime,

You all will get him paid.

God loved you ,now and then,

Made your life ,

Just like a madeleine.

But man was busy,

Building up a religion pen.

The world is always making these life creamy,

Which made him a gluttony.

But all he wanted was to make

His people gleamy.

The day is arriving,

People would have nothing to say .

But, just one word,

Doomsday,doomsday and doomsday.

That would be the Lord's day,

People will no more,

Celebrate a may day.

Cause now people will

Be in God's ashtray.

Cause that would be a judgement day.