Math phobia-fear from mathematics is a common malady that affects students a lot. It generally occurs due to several factors which include lack of analogies, lack of parent’s guidance, children having low self-esteem, learning disorder, influence of community, fictitious fear and many more reasons.

Fear of math and how to remove it

Children of all ages scare from the subject. They even don’t want to engage with it as they think that math is too hard & they will not understand it. Some tricky equations, questions of high order thinking skills, mind-sharpening formulae,

1.Play around with numbers

In math, the ability to play with numbers proves beneficial l for mental arithmetic as well as real-life. It’s good to encourage children to play with numbers on paper or with big counters in front of them. Having visual images is crucial as it reinforces the concepts in their heads.

2.Practice math daily 

It is a well-known fact that ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. This proverb particularly goes well with math. It is a subject that needs regular practice to gain expertise. Constant practice also helps in understanding the difficulties of the subject well.

3.Apply math in real life

Involving math in your everyday activities will make it a part of your life. Fear of the subject will disappear once you understand that math is everywhere.

Math skills are very important in everyday life and help in dealing with tasks ranging from simple to complex.

4.Take help from other students

Working together to solve math problems can really help students. Learning in a cooperative environment works wonders for a subject like math. Taking guidance from intelligent students & teachers also adds a lot of fun and excitement in learning the subject.

5.Learn from your own mistakes

This is a rightly said proverb that, “Men learn from his own mistakes”.

When children think they’re going to fail at something, they usually don’t try. But recent research demonstrates that the human mind really develops most when you commit an error in math.  ‘It’s ironic, because children feel terrible if they misunderstand something in math. 

Remember that it’s not only good to make mistakes when you battle at math it implies your mind's creating.

6.Recognize the fear 

The initial phase in getting rid of math fear is to recognize that you have it. When this acknowledgment sets in, it is simpler to make strides that will help lighten any pressure or stress brought about by the subject. 

7.Ask your queries

A student should never be afraid to pose questions in the math class. Asking questions will help to resolve/ settle any doubts a student might have.

Delaying this process can have adverse effects on the understanding of the subject.

CONCLUSION: There are various schools in India for providing good & efficient techniques in learning and gaining education. Adopt these techniques & see the results in your academics.