Brief:- Bariatric procedures or obesity surgeries are performed to alter the size of stomach or route between stomach and small intestine ensuring lesser food intake and absorption. Stomach bypass, gastric band, and gastric balloon surgeries are advised to overweight people by the bariatric surgeon. These procedures can help in losing weight, reducing risk of type-2 diabetes and other obesity-linked health problems. 

Managing your weight can be a real challenge, particularly if there are health issues like a malfunctioning thyroid gland, hormonal imbalances and obesity. If exercising and diet control are not helping, chances are you may have to undergo bariatric surgery to lose weight.

Bariatric surgeries essentially mainly reduce the stomach’s food holding capacity, so that you start feeling full even on a small portion, or can cause a mal-absorption of food, in which case also the body doesn’t absorb the entire amount of fat consumed. There are long term health benefits of different bariatric procedures and also certain risk factors. Then there is the question of going to the right surgeon for the procedure. Find a good bariatric surgeon who is an expert in weight loss surgery and helps you in fighting obesity. Check out the Top 10 Bariatric Surgeons of India online and explore the surgery options that they provide. Following are the types of bariatric surgeries done for weight loss. 

Stomach or Small Intestine Bypass Procedures:-

The gastric bypass surgery divides the stomach by creating a small pouch within the stomach, dividing the initial part of small intestine into two and connecting the end of this divided intestine to the small stomach pouch. The top end of the divided small intestine is connected to the rest of the small intestine. Gastric bypass is quite effective but also more complex and can lead to vitamin or mineral deficiencies over time. 

There are other variations to bariatric procedures like BPD-DS gastric bypass or the duodenal switch, mini gastric bypass and ‘gastric plication’. In ‘sleeve gastrectomy’ a large portion of stomach is removed, helps suppress hunger. However, it’s non reversible and can also cause vitamin deficiencies.

Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery:-

In AGB surgery an inflatable band is placed around the upper stomach, so that the top part becomes the small stomach pouch and food is prevented from entering the remaining stomach. The small pouch size can be easily adjusted and gradually so. However, many times, the food does pass through the band. Despite this, AGB is safer, doesn’t tamper much with stomach or intestines, can be reversed and doesn’t cause vitamin deficiencies or malabsorption.

Gastric Balloon:-

Gastric balloon is another type of Obesity Surgery Delhi region that surgeons advise to patients who want to reduce their weight. A balloon is inserted in the stomach that makes a person feel full while eating food. This prevents overeating and consuming a large amount of food at the mealtime. The balloon is inflatable. The surgeon inflates the balloon after putting it in the stomach. Overweight people who are unable to control the weight by diet and exercise can get the gastric balloon done for obesity treatment.