What is BitDefender?

BitDefender protects your computer from external malware and threats such as virus and bugs. It is a security program which enables the computer scanning and makes sure that the firewall prevents the system from being affected.

How can Iinstall BitDefender on Mac and on my computer?

BitDefender is a security program and just like any application user can download its safer version from the official website.

Here are some steps to download andinstall BitDefender on Mac.

Step 1: InstallBitDefenderfrom its official website. Make sure you already have access to your BitDefender Account in order to download.

Step 2: After login to BitDefender Account click onMy Devices.

Step 3: Now click onInstall protectionoption from the left-hand corner of your screen.

Step 4: From here click on Protect this Device option and congratulations your BitDefender will start downloading and installing on Mac.

Step 5: Click oncontinueand Introduction screen will appear on the screen.

Step 6: Check theSoftware License Agreementin the subsequent window. Choose the language to read and click onAgree.

Step 7: Choose the location and insert the Username and password. And click onInstall Software.

Step 8: Launch andInstall BitDefender on Macand your system.

How can I take a full access of BitDefender on Mac?

  1. Open Security Preferences and select Security and Privacy.
  2. Click on Privacy option.
  3. Choose the Full Disk Access option.
  4. Now click on the Lock and insert your username as well as password.
  5. Click on the + option to add a file
  6. And now go to the library and go to the BitDefender. Then go to the AVP and select a file by name.

Bitdefender is a security program and very complex in nature. There are several time when the user faces some serious issues while installing and using the Bitdefender. If you are facing some problems then ask for free help from our industry experts. Call at [+1-844-636-0656] to ourBitDefender Internet security and get a quick solution.