Multi-day when young people have a work as per their need
Multi-day when no tyke will rest hungry
The multi-day when each youngster will get a training
A general public ought to be free from the privilege of reservation based on the position.
Multi-day when a lady shouldn't be quit setting off to the sanctuary while they are sick
Multi-day when there will be no settlement trade
Multi-day when our nation will be free from fear-based oppression
The multi-day when there must be a culture to encourage the destitute people groups.
The multi-day when we will look towards the development of Indian economy rather than possess a level of benefit
The multi-day when there will be no castism and separate between the shade of the skin.
Multi-day when there will be humankind among the people groups
A lady ought to be autonomous and given with rising to rights as a man.
On the off chance that and just If we can make every one of these things conceivable at that point there is a genuine importance of this Independence