(do we really talk, or we pretend to do so??)

Almost everyone owns a mobile phone today. Less are the people who stay away from social media accounts and profiles.  Keep communication apart, we keep a whatsapp or facebook account at least to show off our life and accomplishments to people. Rest of the so called ‘useful’ applications are used for the same purpose, no matter what.  A small magic, just take a look at the description of these apps on play store.

free calls, group chat, connect with people easily, simple, personal, secure”

But, do we actually talk with people through calls? Do we chat with them in groups? Are we really making use of them for connecting with people? A humble request, please ignore those good morning texts and festive greetings (They have been banned from being called as messages, they are pure spam).  Or else we get fast spreading messages of news and important information. Okay, agreed, they are essential too. But is that the sole purpose behind the creation of these apps? We are still laughing at the joke we saw on whatsapp just a few minutes back. But the human being in front of you could crack better jokes than that. 

See, long back people longed for communication. Once school or college gets over, they had no other means of communicating with people. Just the memories and  the wait for their next meet kept them alive. They would even note down whatever they wanted to talk. Imagine, a whole year of notes and hints just for the meet of a day. And just eight or nine hours would sum up everything. Indeed, they were fine. Actually, they were the most happiest people. But now, we own everything we didn’t even imagine that we would see, before ten or fifteen years. At the end, all we possess is a big vacuum that holds nothing but lack of time, attention and patience.

“Where is the fault actually? With the people?? With mobile phones?? With minutes and seconds?? Lack of care and attention towards relationships?? “.

The answer is really simple, may be, simply complicated. Not all owe the patience and time to talk with the loved ones for hours a day. Work pressure, tensions, health issues, everything makes us go far away from our close ones. And that is the purpose why these apps were introduced. But, you know what, we could never realize certain stuffs if they come really close to us. As people came closer within the touch of buttons and keys, their hearts started going far away. A lethargic feel that, “let me text him/her tomorrow, let us reply three days later……let me not choose to reply, let me block”. You never know what everything could lead to. Ignorance, rudeness, irritation, did we long for this? You could never do such stuffs in front of a person, no matter what. At least the person would have been there in your life instead of getting blocked. 

We never smile, we pretend to do so. We never talk, we just type. We never express, we just experience. Nothing to be discussed or talked openly using texts and images. We get a feel that we are still in contact with everyone, everyday. But it is an illusion. You can never judge a person unless you talk to them personally. We are connected yet disconnected. 

“Real image is nothing but the kind of mask you opt to wear. Wear whatever you want, no issues. Just be presentable and attractive. May be, a beautiful bag of rotten tomatoes.”

We are stuck like this, unable to meet in person, unable to text. What shall be done as a solution? See, works will never end, the same with people too. Choose to meet certain important people in person, no excuses or lame answers. Not everyone is available through chat and a few special people do deserve a personal meet. Then, make it a habit to reply to all your messages every day. Make your whatsapp free from the pending messages of yesterday, last week, last month, even those diwali wishes(I swear people are there) too. Fresh day, new messages, not the remains of past. Message those people who are special and important to you regularly. Try to text the rest of them during weekends, at least as a part of your work. 

Because you never know, at what time whose help you would be essential for you. You cannot message a person and expect reply immediately after your new year message last year. Think people, after all, thoughts in this perspective too would make you better. We scroll through facebook for a minimum of one or two hours, memes for minimum half an hour, irrelevant bits and pieces of news for fifteen minutes. Then why not for building a good relationship??

Long back we had heard stories of a few words and messages that changed the world. Today too, the same is happening, but it changes someone else’s world. Every message is not just made of words. It carries a lot of emotions, queries and feelings along with it. Every unanswered message takes along with it a few persons for a lifetime too. Choose to reply, even if you don’t want to. Choose to speak, even if you are not interested. Human beings are worth more than your emotions. Think before you do something. 

Communications….could change your life forever.