A boy and a girl were studying in a school together. The boy used to love that girl with all this heart and even confessed his love to the girl. The girl replied by saying - everyone at the school love me if you have something new to add then tell me otherwise shut the hell up. The boy replied to her saying - I love you a lot, hell I will marry you after our school is finished and I will do anything for you. The boy continued - My love will never decrease or end for you, I will fulfill any wish you have, You will see the dream and I will make it come true at any cost.The girl replied - ok we will see about that and she told the boy to gift her a chocolate the next day but the chocolate should be

Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle

Cost:$2,600 per pound
Company: Fritz Knipschildt .

His friend asked him - how the hell did you brought this chocolate for her because there was no hell chance of him being able to afford such a costly chocolate. His friend asked him - how the hell did you brought this chocolate for her because there was no hell chance of him being able to afford such a costly chocolate. The boy replied - I borrowed money from so many people and even broke my father's Fixed Deposit to satisfy her desire because she is the one. His friend replied - ARE YOU CRAZY?? THESE GIRLS IS USING YOU NOTHING ELSE AND IF ISN'T TRUE THEN WHY SHE IS INTRODUCING YOU TO EVERYONE AS HIS FRIEND, NOT BOYFRIEND. The boy replied - I don't care why she is doing this but she is the one for me and I am going to marry her. The girl used to tell him to go in market to get her school assignments made from time to time and various other things . The girl used to flirt with him from time to time so that boy don't think that she doesn't love him and one day girl told the boy that she is ready to get married as soon as their college is finished.The boy agreed to her condition and even introduced her to his parents to get their approval. When their school was the finished boy and girl promised to stay in touch as they went on different direction. They both promised to get married as soon their college is over and the girl told him that she didn't want to work after marriage so that easy for her to start a family with him but things often don't go as people planned. After a while boy went to a hospital to see this relative who had surgery recently but when the boy was accompanying his relative to have neck ultrasound he saw the girl having stomach ultrasound with another boy standing by her side. When the boy started to talk to hospital staff about the girl - Why she is here? Is she too having a surgery or something?? Who was the boy with her?? But staff refused to tell him anything. On his constant request one of the staff member answered all his questions by saying - She is here for her routine check-up because she is 5 months pregnant and the boy with her was her husband. The boy was shocked to hear their reply as he was able to believe this because he believed that both of them truly loved each other and she promised to get married to him it is impossible that she would betray him. In order to get remove this doubts he contacted their mutual friends and all of them confirmed that it is true that she is expecting a baby with her husband. When the boy mentioned this to his friends, they said that it was so bad that she didn't even bothered to call him to tell him about her marriage and her pregnancy. This incident helped in development of hatred in him for the girl and love in particular. Now the girl is mother of a boy, and a working woman, on the other hand boy is living his life with a feeling of hatred, memories of her betrayal and a broken heart.

I want to ask you all how would you all have felt if you were in boy's position??