Quite unfortunately, a large segment of population neglect or suppress 'stress',
because according to them, it is something everybody feel at some point in his or her life, hence, does not require much attention. Well, I have lately conducted a tad bit research,and found out that not addressing this particular problem right away can hamper overaall mental wellbeing along with paving way for headache, muscle pain, insomnia, digestive disorder, reduced sexual urge, etc.

Visiting a counselor obviously seems viable especially when things have already taken a worse turn, in this write-up, I am sharing tactics I make sure to implement when feeling stressed, be it because of job, relationship, or health.

1) Write

Yes, writing about what exactly is bothering you can take burden off your head, and make you feel a lot better.

2) Watch Friends and ASMR Videos

I cannot thank Friends and its characters, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross enough for making me laugh through tears. Started watching this show about two years back, and it has changed my life for better.

It is through Instagram that I came to know about ASMR videos, which are scientifically proven to alleviate stress. Among many Youtubers carrying out the said trend, my favourites are Talissa Tossell and Tom Slime

3) Listen Music

Listening upbeat music provided me with renewed energy to face even most complicated situations.

4) Talk

I consider myself lucky to have two to three people in my life with whom I can talk about my stresses seamlessly. At times, they offer advice, and at times, they just let me vent out my emotions

5) Look into Mirror

It might appear strange to some, but looking into mirror, and reminding myself how I have successfully gone through plenty struggles until now fills my heart with utmost strength.

All of the aforementioned tips have helped me overcome stress, and readers can try them out because they are neither expensive, nor they have any undesirable side-effects.