Writer's Block - Part 1

Writer’s block

It sounds like a frightful plight, an imaginative stoppage. The termination of creativity. But what is it, really? Writer’s block is when your imaginary friends refuse to talk to you. Writers have to think hard as the art of writing blends uncertainty, analysis and an eagerness to discover more. It is when the writer is mentally remote. Writing is not for weaklings, it is not easy. Even the most prolific writers come across a shield of resistance. Here are some outpouring ideas to get the writing brain in full swing. But we initiate with grounds why writers come to a standstill. 

1.  You can’t invent new ideas:-

This is the fix in which your passion for writing is waned. You simply have a blank piece of paper or you keep hitting keys on the computer then erasing them. Maybe because your brain is on an overload or just bored. It implies that you have worked your brain over and over again that anything now sounds, feels, reads boring to your thought producer. As a result, you stop even before you start because you have no inkling of what to start with. It makes you doubt everything and editing while writing only hampers creativity. 

There are two fragments of great news in this fix for anyone: 

1. Ideas are common so it’s not difficult to get the concept pump primed. Implementation is harder though.

2. This is the type of imaginative blockage where the conventional “do some writing exercise” actually works. Do a chunk of dry runs, in fact. Use your imagination to churn your wheels of mind and bring out something thought provoking. At this stage do not trouble yourself for writing something libelous. 

2. You have numerous thoughts but carry out any of them, and they all peter out.

Now this is slightly tough. Even this issue can take a few distinct forms- there are those ideas that make you lose interest very soon in few paragraphs. There are some perceptions that you might think would turn into a novel but are actually a short story. Frequently, the most dandy and cool ideas are the ones that fade out real quick, and the most dim-witted ideas are the ones that just get your vehicle rev up like crazy. Thing is that, opinions are dime a dozen, but those which give your creative juices gushing are a lot rarer. Ultimately, you end up in evacuating all those thoughts and start afresh. If ideas are not getting any suction that means they are not getting any suction. There is no way to tackle them then. A while later maybe you have a different science of mind all together. You cannot get anywhere with such ideas because they won’t let you move to your real story that needs to be told, down in the gloomy psyche.

1. The good news is that when you come across so many ideas and none of them shows creativity then your mind is laboring on the overdrive and is about to hit the jackpot. You just need to be calm and let your mind do the work.

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