The technology era has brought a lot of awareness in our lives, we find it a boon.But along with  this boon it is also a curse as we have become slaves to technology. It is having severe implications on our children. Children today are overtly smart and active.Their major time is spent viewing screens like T.V, laptop or the smartphone. Students are getting addicted to these gadgets. Nuclear families and the working scenario has encouraged the use of smartphones in most homes. But overuse of these smartphones are creating havoc in a student's life. Students live in a virtual world  and have become the unsocial lot. The negative impact of these smartphones is obesity among students as there is no active exercise, aggressive behaviour, less energetic, low concentration,  insomnia and restlessness. Due to which their performance in class is affected.

Teachers cannot stop the use of smartphones in class but can motivate them to use the phones positively and become less addicted.Teachers can use the following methods to deal with addiction of these smartphones-

Use them for vocabulary exercise with google image search- the visual dictionary can help memory retention.

Help them for translation- they can translate words they don't understand

Help in pronunciation ,keeping track of vocabulary,use it as a Thesaurus- this will help students learn words and their usage well

Help in writing exercises- different types of activities can be followed to motivate the students

They can use it to create a journal- the writing work,photos etc can be saved and shared with their classmates

They can be used to play games- like word games, puzzles etc as a reward for doing good work

Apps and software programmes can help students- every student's individual needs can be satiated.

They can design the course through technology- like Catchbox can be used to bring the fun element in teaching

Only teachers have to motivate these smartphone addicted students  with effective, enjoyable learning environment. They can use a mobile policy which limits the use of this gadget in a specific way, specific time and along with that a healthy outlook to life.