In today's competitive world learning a second language can be highly beneficial for you as it will add up an extra skill in your resume and this will help you to get a better career opportunity. So you should learn it from the best German language institute in Jaipur. Once you are equipped with this knowledge, learning German will be a lot more fun. Here are some of the success secrets to learn the German language easily.


Since you know English and this is a great advantage when it comes to learning German. Because the English and the German language are strongly related to each other, and there are a lot of cognates. Cognates are words with a similar etymological origin an example? Take the English word "fish". In German, it's called "Fisch", and it is pronounced exactly the same way as the English word fish. There are many more of words written a bit differently, but pronounced almost the same way, like "telephone" and "Telefon" 

If you focus on these kinds of words first, you will quickly be able to expand your German vocabulary. But just knowing vocabulary isn't enough.

Words into Sentences

You must also be able to comfortably use your vocabulary when you speak. It is quite a common phenomenon among language learners, who study the wrong way, that they end up knowing hundreds or thousands of words, but they are not able to use them. It's because they have only memorized individual word translations, instead of actually using the words.

Fortunately, there is a simple exercise that can help you to avoid this common mistake. Just use the vocabulary that you learned to form sentences. It is okay if you create simple sentences - they do not need to be complex or advanced. Just creating your own sentences with the vocabulary you learned will help to integrate your language speaking skills a lot quicker.

But all of this is of no use if you do not put in the effort that is required to learn the German language. 

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