Court Marriage In Pakistan :

Court marriage in Pakistan brings a lot of relief not only to the lovers but also for those who want to have arranged marriage in Pakistan. Not only the lovers but decent families have now started to go for Court marriage services in Pakistan and at the top of all is the city of Lahore. Highest numbers of Court marriage in Lahore Pakistan have been recorded in the year of 2018. There are many reasons why people now prefer to adopt Court marriage procedure in Pakistan.

Famous Law Firm And Expert Female Lawyer :  

                                                                                  One of the famous law firm in Lahore Pakistan Nazia Law Associates  headed by the best female lawyer in Lahore Pakistan Advocate Nazia says that when a lawyer knows that he can easily skip away with the money of client then there is most probability of a mishap. Nazia Law Associates owns their own personal office in siddique trade center , Gulberg, Lahore and are very famous in their honesty with the clients. Advocate Nazia says that the own personal office of a lawyer adds a plus in the level of trust with the clients and also suggests that it is better you deals with someone who owns his own office specially when a handsome fee from the client is involved.

Some of the benefits of Court marriage in Pakistan are given below.

  1. Court marriage in Pakistan can be done maximum in just two hours so you don’t need to go for a whole day function. Normally arrange marriage takes a lot of time while the Court marriage in Pakistan takes just two hours.
  2. One of the other benefits of Court marriage in Pakistan is that it is cheap. Normal fee of Court marriage in Pakistan is about Rs25000 to Rs50000 depending on the skills of a Court marriage lawyer in Pakistan where as on the other hand people spend millions on just a wedding function.
  3. No special arrangements are required to be organized by the spouse all you need to do is to find a competent Court marriage lawyer in Pakistan and he will do all the necessary arrangements whatever is required. All Court marriage procedure in Pakistan will be conducted by the lawyer.
  4. Services of nikah khawan are also available in Court marriage services. Most of the people do not now that in Court marriage in Pakistan you also get licensed nikah khawan provided by the lawyer.
  5. You also get legal protection in Court marriage services where as you do not get any legal protection in arrange marriages in Pakistan
  6. No transport services are required to accommodate your relatives all you need to do is to walk in to the lawyer’s office and have your Court marriage done.
  7. No extra people are required for the services of Court marriage in Pakistan where as in arrange marriage you have to call all your relatives, friends and others to accompany you in the marriage ceremony.
  8. In Court marriage even you don’t have witnesses your Court marriage lawyer arranges witnesses for you. Normally lawyers charge extra for witnesses also.
  9. Privacy of spouse is guaranteed in Court marriage services in Pakistan for example if you do not want to disclose your marriage then all you need  to do is to find a family lawyer and he will make sure your privacy is maintained whereas you don’t get this facility in arrange marriage
  10. No extra documentation is required for availing the services of Court marriage in Pakistan all you need to do is to pick up your cnic or id card and visit the lawyers office who will conduct your Court marriage. If something is not necessary the lawyer will not ask you to produce.
  11. In Court marriage services your all marriage certificates are registered in two hours whereas it takes weeks to get marriage certificate registered in arrange marriages.
  12. Procedure of Court marriage in Pakistan is very easy all you need to do is to follow the instruction of your lawyer.
  13. Court marriage In Pakistan is also possible through a family lawyer whereas it is not possible in arrange marriages