Recently some misguided politicians have coined the word "Hindu terror" which is a "Big Error".

Strictly speaking "Hindu" was less of a religion and more often used to denote or signify Hindu dharma, Hindu tolerance, Hindu way of living, Hindu culture, and Hindu civilisation !

For the information of some ignorant and  mischievous politicians, i would like to place on record that the word "Hindu" was first coined during Indo-Aryan civilisation to describe all Indians living on the other side of Sindhu river (presently Indus river).

The word  "Hindu" does not occur at all in our ancient literature. The first reference to it in an Indian book is in a "Tantrik" work of the eighth century A.D. where "Hindu" means a people and not the followers of a particular religion.

Hinduism, as a faith, is vague, amorphous, soft, many-sided, all things to all men. It is hardly possible to define it. In its present hybridised form, it embraces many beliefs, rituals, and practices, from the highest to the lowest, often opposed to or contradicting each other. Its essential spirit or essence seems to be "live and let live".

If i were asked to define the Hindu creed in one sentence, I would simply say this : "Searching for truth through non-violent means". A man may not believe in God and still call himself a Hindu. 

Hinduism is a relentless pursuit after truth & truth. Hinduism is indeed the religion of truth. Truth is God. We have known denial of God but we have not known denial of truth.

Truth and non-violence are thus the essential parts and distinguishing marks of Hinduism which lead us ultimately  to reality and God !

Ideally speaking all are Hindus !!