Why install a wifi jammer?

Install wifi jammer in confidential places as a preventive measure. In order to prevent internal information from being stolen by the outside world and leading to leakage incidents, many technical preventive measures have been taken in confidential places, and the installation of wifi signal jammer is one of these technical preventive measures. Then How does the wifi jammer device ensure the security of information protection in secret places? We discuss this issue here.

Information exchange and communication inevitably exist in classified places, and some data exchanged and communicated may still be leaked to the outside world intentionally or unintentionally through the internal wireless network of the unit or the mobile phones of field personnel. It is the most common channel leading to information leakage, and some are malicious and targeted, by pre-installing information stealing equipment in secret places, and then passing it to the outside in some way, such as through a certain frequency band wireless information transceiver. For these leaking methods and methods, it is only necessary to select the wireless wifi signal jammer of the corresponding frequency band and keep it turned on in the secret-related place to ensure the leakage of secret-related information and data. The relevant venue cannot be effectively transmitted to the outside world, thus cutting off the venue. Internal and external channels for sending and receiving information.
wifi signal jammer
For wifi signal blockers installed in secret places, the frequency bands for wireless data transmission should at least include all 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G mobile phone frequency bands, WiFi2.4G/5.8G, Bluetooth, 433MHz wireless data transmission, 1200MHz wireless image transmission Wait. In addition, the wifi blocker device should also have a certain extended redundancy function. When other suspicious frequency points or designated special frequency bands are found in secret places, signal shielding modules for these frequency bands should be quickly added to the wireless wifi jammer.
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