Facing the Microsoft SQL Server database corruption issue? Looking for a quick and reliable solvent to fix it? If so, you'll be notified in this blog about the best and most convenient way to recover corrupted SQL Server database MDF and NDF files. Here, we first learn the reasons behind database corruption and then explain the whole process to recover SQL Server Database without backup. So, let's start.

 As we all know, SQL Server is the best relational database management system that supports three types of files to manage and store data. The files are MDF, NDF, and LDF. The MDF file is the primary database file that stores data and objects like tables, keys, columns, functions, stored procedures, triggers, and so on. The NDF file is the secondary database file that also used to store data. You can create as many NDF files as you like. And the LDF file is a Log file that stores log information. 

Main Reasons for Microsoft SQL Database Corruption

Before we move on to the solution, we first need to know the reasons for the database corruption. There can be several reasons that can cause MDF file corruption, such as:

  •  Sudden power failure or system shutdown 
  •  Damage to the file header
  •  Error in the SQL Server database
  •  Virus or malware attack
  •  Hard disk failure
  •  Some changes in the SQL Server account
  •  Saving the SQL database in compressed folders

Quick Fix to Recover Corrupted SQL Server Database MDF and NDF Files

 Sometimes the user does not have enough time to do manual approaches and look for a quick fix. The manual method does not work if the SQL database is badly damaged. In such a situation, you have to choose a powerful solution like SysTools SQL Recovery. With this software, you can restore SQL Server database from MDF file to a new database or an existing database.. It supports to recover MDF file of SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and all previous editions. This tool also able to recover multiple NDF files at the same time without disturbing the original formatting of the data. 

 The MDF file recovery software will help you recover deleted records and shows a preview in red color. It supports both ASCII and UNICODE XML datatype. Any technical or non-technical user can easily perform the SQL database recovery process with this tool. It has the ability to fix all SQL Server errors like 5171, 5172, 823, 8946, 926, and so on.

Steps to Recover MDF File SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014

 The software provides very simple steps to recover corrupted SQL Server Database MDF and NDF files. Follow these steps to perform this task:

 Step 1. Download, install and run the software on your system. Next, click Open and select .mdf file.

 Step 2. Select Scan Mode and the SQL Server .mdf file version manually or automatically.

 Step 3. The scanning process is now started. Once it completed, you can easily see the preview of recover SQL Server database objects like tables, views, functions, stored procedures, etc.

 Step 4. Click Export and select the option to export data to SQL Server Database. Next, enter the required details like SQL Server user name and password.

 Step 5. Export data with Only Schema or Schema & Data both. Hit the Export button to finalize the MDF file recovery process.

Features of the Tool to Recover Corrupted SQL Server Database

 The software to recover MDF file and NDF file offers a large number of features that help the user to perform this task according to their needs. Here are a few features:

  • Easy to Use: This tool comes with a user-friendly interface that allows both professional as well as non-professional users to easily recover SQL Server database. 
  • Scan Modes: It offers two scanning modes: Quick and Advanced. You can choose a Quick scanning option for normal database corruption. Use Advanced mode if the expected results not found by Quick Scan.
  • Preview SQL Database Objects: After the scanning process,  the tool previews all recovered objects such as views, tables, rules, functions, and so on.
  • Restore SQL Server Database: The MDF file recovery software gives the option to export recovered data directly to the live SQL Server Database or SQL Compatible Scripts.
  • Recover MDF and NDF files: It helps the users to recover corrupted SQL Server Database files, MDF and NDF. One can easily recover multiple .ndf files at once.
  • Option to Recover Deleted Records: The software to recover SQL Server database without backup provides an option to preview and restore deleted records from the table.
  • MS Windows and SQL Server Compatibility: One can easily run the tool on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc., and also recover MDF file of SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, etc.

The Final Verdict

 Database corruption is a difficult situation for the users as it stores important data. In order to repair and restore SQL database, we explained the stepwise complete process using MDF file recovery software. Manually repairing damaged MDF files with the DBCC CHECKDB and DBCC DEBREPAIR commands is useful for resolving minor database corruption issues. But in order to fix the major issue, it may fail or require strong technical knowledge. To solve all these problems, it is advisable to use a 100% working and secure SQL database recovery software. This will recover corrupted SQL Server database files, MDF and NDF without showing any error messages.