Matching up the place and the unforgettable event you want to create is the number one challenge. Hosting your professional event in an atypical place requires a minimum of reflection, on the content and objective of the event, and rigor, to anticipate all the details that lead to a perfect event. Here are 5 tips and reflexes that will allow you to choose the most suitable place for your event.

# 1 The main criteria: capacity, budget and duration

It's almost obvious to say but your budget determines the range of possibilities in terms of originality and unusual characters of the place you are going to rent. The larger your budget dedicated to the event, the greater the supply of booked space. The capacity is also to be taken into account from the start. Plan your research several months in advance if you are looking for a large capacity place with a limited budget or if you want to book the place for several days. The possibilities will then often be reduced. Attention, also to make coincide well number of guests and surface: a very large but empty place on D-Day can be negative in terms of image.

# 2 The values and context of your business

What values drive my business and which ones do I want to highlight through this event? What is the context of my business (full growth, stability, launch of a new offer, fundraising, etc.)? So many questions to ask upstream for consistency of the image you want to give to your event, and more generally of your business. Book a party hall whose events are not the primary use, an original, different place is a differentiating element, reflecting a certain audacity, openness and meaning, by optimizing places not dedicated to events. Whether it is an internal or external professional event, the objective is often to make an impression, to provide a unique experience, to go beyond the usual and formal framework. In this logic the place remains decisive to create the surprise. 

 # 3 Type of event and guests

Is your event an internal or external event? Is it a corporate meeting evening, a product launch, an internal evening, a seminar, a Christmas evening? Each type of party has its different requirements. Certain planned activities may require more substantial logistics.

It is therefore important to choose your banquet halls in Greater Noida according to the typology of your event, the catering part or the decoration and ambiance that you plan on the spot. For example, a cocktail party requires few chairs. A conference and corporate meeting required meal, yes. Make sure some venues cannot accommodate the technical management like projector, Internet or lightening equipment. Select a perfect venue which has the all facilities to run your conference or corporate meeting.

# 4 Secondary criteria: access, accommodation, equipment and logistics on site

The possibilities of access to the place, parking and accommodation are not to be forgotten. If your guests come from far away and need direct access to the train station or to a hotel, you will need to make sure that the chosen location meets these criteria. So be careful about nearby parking, or be sure to offer alternative solutions, hotels and cottages to book if the event is held over several days.
 In addition, note all the equipment that is made available in the rented room and check the assembly and disassembly schedules. Get advice on the logistics required on site depending on your event.

# 5 On-site coordination and supervision

Finally, ask questions about the coordination of the place on event day. Will you be alone? Who is responsible for making the place clean? How secure is the place?  We at insure to book a best venue for you whereas a coordinator is systematically on site from the start to the end of your event to help you set up, welcome your guests, supervise the various service providers and manage the repair of the location. He knows the place by heart and knows how to manage the unexpected in atypical places. Avail a service that allows you to enjoy peacefully and ensure the success of your event, go online and ensure 30% off on online booking.

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