AOL is one of the hassle-free email service providers that offers a simple user interface with futuristic features. However, it provides impeccable service due to some additional factors; users get stuck in some situations. And they find it difficult to use AOL Mail.

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Here, in this article, you’ll get solutions to fix “AOL Mail Not Working On MacBook Pro” Issue. Also, if such a situation is with you and AOL email is not working on Mac, you can immediately fix it by following the instructions mentioned below.

What should we do to fix AOL Mail problems quickly?

The steps given will help you get rid of any kind of AOL Mail Not Working Issues and allow you to access the benefits of your AOL account without any stress. So, check it out and follow the steps mentioned:

Clear cookies and cache

If you haven’t cleared your browser’s cache and cookies, you should now! When you don’t clear the cache for a long time, it can cause some problems with your AOL email account.

1. You need to open the browser and go to the browser settings.

2. There you must choose the Cache and cookies option and delete the data stored in your browser.

3. Also, you need to clear the cache from the beginning by choosing the time.

Update web browser

Outdated browser may make it difficult for you to access AOL Mail, you should try the steps given to fix AOL Mail Not Responding on MacBook Pro error on different browsers by updating them, follow the required steps:

Microsoft Edge: In this you just need to press the Windows key and search for Check for updates. Install the update to find one.

Google Chrome: select the ‘three vertical dots’ icon, that is, Menu and select the Help option. Then choose About, when you find an update, install it, and restart the browser once the update has been installed.

Mozilla Firefox: Similarly, you need to open the ‘Menu’ and go to the Help section from the drop-down menu. Then select About Firefox and click Update.

Safari: If you use the built-in browser, you need to open the Apple menu and then go to the AppStore. There, click on the Updates option and if there is an update available, click on it to download and install it.

Remove malware

If you have installed any security programs or antivirus software, you should run a full scan on your Mac to find any potential threats. This way, if there is any malicious file, it can be removed and it will fix AOL mail not responding on Mac.

Remove browser extensions

1. First, open the Safari browser.

2. Then you should open Safari Preferences.

3. Also, you need to switch to Safari Extensions.

4. After that choose the web extensions you want to disable.

5. And then, click Uninstall under the description.

Dial AOL Customer Support Toll-Free Number +1–888–857–5157:

Once you do the above instructions, you probably won’t see any kind of problem using your AOL Mail account. Also, there are times when things go wrong and you still can’t solve the problem and AOL Mail Not Working on Mac. In such cases, you should not delay any longer and contact AOL customer service instantly. The technical support team is available 24 hours a day and provides help with a single phone call. Therefore, please dial the Email Expert 24*7 helpline toll-free number +1–888–857–5157 and solve all problems without delay.