Fantasy cricket is unarguably the greatest invention within the online gaming industry.It is also the only game in the country which seeks the maximum interest of people. The skill game pioneer is exciting and interesting and when a fantasy cricket app offers massive  cash rewards in return then no one denies the offering. The prize money is the ultimate reward in Fantasy Cricket, but it may differ as per the spending amount. The online tactic based game of cricket is like another business, if you take less risk then you’ll get less reward and if you risk a lot and play the expensive contests then the return will be on the higher side. There are various contests in the fantasy cricket structure  and it’s proven that the best contests for the high risk capital players are head to head contests. In such games you’ll get the offers which excites you but the probability of winning in the particular contest is quite low. For example the mega contests have a lot of players in single contests then the chances of winning is certainly squeezed in such contests. The people more often choose to play budget friendly contests but most of the time they won much lower than expected due to stiff competition.

The competition in the contests is the key, the players who have the capacity to take risks should contest with more capital in less competitive contests. The head to head contest is the best way to earn money, as the lesser number of players certainly raises your chances of winning. High risk players fall in the trap of mega contests and make multiple teams in search of winning the contest but the fact is that they don’t need to opt for lottery contests. The individual needs to understand that a head to head contest has the highest probability of winning the game. High risks always give high profits and the players who have the capacity to bear the loss in the contest should play the one on one contest in the skillful game. The segment is not basically for the players who shy away from taking risk due to shortage of funds. The best fantasy cricket app provides various segments and it all depends on the people in whichever they have the most comfort in playing.

Head to Head contests are like competing with the player in the battlefield, and that's the reason why such contests are profitable. The problem with the mega and grand league contests is that their winning is around 1% but still people are inclined towards these contests just on the basis of big prize money. The fact which needs to be addressed is that the chances of winning should be minimum 50% and then the fortunes factor comes into play. The high capacity risk players always look for the probability of winning in the contests and 50-50 chances of winning is always better than 1%. Fantasy cricket leagues are highly competitive and that is the reason why skillful game players look at the options where the competition is less. 

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