Five women gathered at The Beachcomber in our town of Park City to get rejuvenated after a long day of shopping, caterers, and more shopping. While on the other side of the health and wellness divide, a unique group of women was practicing yoga to improve their health and well-being. After watching the women of Full Body Yoga radiate energy from the strength of their body, to the clarity and peace of mind, to the elegant movement of the poses themselves, we felt inspired to see the vitality of these women and their practice.

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Full Body Yoga is an ephemeral, healing practice that is refined and refined again with each practice, thus helping every person to continue their journeys. Part of what distinguishes Full Body Yoga from other forms of yoga is their reverence for the physical, emotional, and spiritual. Their intention is to help you be your most fully and freely both physically and mentally.

This gentle practice leaves the woman’s body soft and quiet, showing that these toothy friends do not lie! These yogis communicate within their breathing—what they like to call “the wishbone,” the frequency and rhythm of their breathing. It is this inner communication with the body, that brings full body awareness—which is essential to energy transfer. After a challenging day, exercising the body, it is easy to feel frazzled and disconnected from yourself. After seeing how each yogi manifests Full Body Yoga, and showing the exact manifestation of their energy (which is called the flow of the rhythm of their breath), we felt compelled to watch these little ladies connect to themselves through their breathing.

These women radiated how they radiated during full body yoga, showing pure joy that connected them to each other and renewed their energy. Their energy radiated a fresh and dynamic “letting go” of the inner and outer so that they could be more open and radiant with the universal love and joy they exuded.

It was good to see a common health and wellness initiative between the worlds of yoga and health that focused on authenticity. These women were naturally pure, authentic, and present, and the energy radiated throughout the room.

Women in the arts both today and in the past have come together to create value for others and elevate each other through the body—each of us. These women embody this value each day, both during and after yoga, and do so to serve others. Though a great many of us may not experience yoga directly, there are other ways to increase awareness of the palpable benefits of full body yoga, and of the unique relationship between yoga and our body. It is not a solitary practice, but rather part of a deepening of our being.

Practicing yoga and health does not entail losing your culture and your faith, but rather expanding and renewing your environment—which is not just an inanimate, collected material, but also an expression of your life story.

As these women, including myself, who often do not practise yoga could attest, yoga creates a safe space for us to let go of our stresses and fears, and to witness, with all our might, the life-affirming connections that our breath and body can hold.