3 potatoes 

2 teaspoons of  chilli powder 

Turmeric powder 

2 green chillies chopped 

Half big onion 

Handful of green leaves 

Pieces of cinnamon sticks 

Maldive fish pieces 

2 teaspoon of chillie pieces 

1 teaspoon of salt 

3 teaspoon of coconut oil 

Method : 

First of all, wash the potatoes and boil them. After it is boiled take them and put them into a vessel and put some cold water. After that cut them into pieces ,then add some green chillies ( chopped) and chopped big half onion ,green leaves, cinnamon stick pieces ,then add some turmeric powder and mix them by hand. If you wish to taste more add some maldive fish pieces .Then pour some coconut oil and let the pan heat a bit and put the mixture to the pan ,let it fry .When it is half fried add some chilli pieces to taste more yummy. After it is fried ,take it to a dried vessel and serve it .

Enjoy the yummy spicy potato .....