Small Garden at your home

It is everyone's dearest dream to have a small kitchen garden
There are a few steps you can do to grow your kitchen farm
In Kerala the government is so good they distribute seeds to all homes free of cost
We can utilize this small-time suggestion to make our kitchen garden more lively
If you have kitchen running burning old wood to cook rice and boil water then you can use the cooled down ashes as manure for your plants
The burnt ashes of this wood or small sticks, coconut shell, the cover of coconut, etc can be used as manure for trees
Plants like aubergine also known as Baingan in Hindi, Brinjal in English, betelnut trees, etc can be given as manure
Even small insects like grasshopper will not visit plants if we dust the leaves of Brinjal, Lady'sfinger plant with the ashes
Usually, it is sad news for farmers and agriculturists if insects eat off their plants
It is a big challenge to run farm because rains, winds, and insects might bring chaos but still plants are a treat for our eyes
So if you get free time then you can definitely make your garden lovely
Many farmers are unable to face this disheartening news
These are a few tips I received from my parents and I hope this might be useful to you all
Thank you, dear friends