If you want a sex doll but can’t put a price tag of thousands of dollars, you can choose a sex doll torso or mini sex doll.

They come in smaller, cheaper packaging with the same sexual and anatomical features as full-size dolls.The torso doll is pretty self-explanatory  .

Their head and torso resemble a full-size sex doll, but without limbs. It sounded a little wrong at first, but it wasn’t.As shown in the picture here, some of the cheaper options will be clueless.They can still have beautiful faces, soft and sexy breasts and plump buttocks, not to mention anatomical holes.

You can leave them completely limbless or include thighs or arms.The biggest benefit of torso dolls is that they are inexpensive and easy to use.The torso doll uses less material and is naturally less expensive.

They are also smaller and lighter than full-size dolls. This makes it easier to manipulate them and move them in multiple locations.Mini dolls are a little different.

They are basically miniature versions of ordinary sex dolls.