Legal Translation in Dubai has become an essential service for many clients in the Middle East because of its excellent quality. Prime Translation Services also offers legal translation services for clients who require interpretation services for their business transactions. They also provide certified and non-certified legal translation service according to the standards and guidelines set by the Ministry of Justice, the Emirates Ministry of Interior and all government institutions in UAE including embassies and Notary publics. This means that they ensure that their clients' translations have been certified by both the Ministry of Interior and the Emirates Ministry of Finance to be true translations.

The company offers translation services at different levels and for different purposes, from general legal services to specialized legal services. They offer certified as well as non-certified translation for legal documents including deeds and mortgages, contracts, and other documents such as divorce, child custody, property ownership, wills and so on. legal translation in Dubai also offers the services of certified interpreters who can provide legal services for people who are having difficulties in understanding their own documents. Also, they offer legal services such as pre-construction planning, land acquisition, property taxes, real estate transactions, divorce, and so on. In addition to this, they provide translation for many international clients as well.

The company offers several other services as well as translation of medical reports, court hearings, letters and correspondence, copyright, trademark, and business registration, corporate communications, business forms and publications, law and accounting documents, business proposals, business licenses and letters, contract documents, and much more. Their web portal provides customers with quick online services that include legal translation in Dubai. They also offer training sessions that help clients in understanding and using legal terminology. All these services are offered at competitive rates and are available to their customers anytime of the day.