The Unspoken Truth and Signs of Infertility in Men

A man's manhood has always been stereotyped on the basis of his sexual inheritance. But stereotypes are sometimes far away from reality. In a so-called progressive society where we like to talk about everything except reality, this one thing needs elaborative discussion on a public forum, and that is infertility in men. It has always been difficult for us to understand the reality of infertility in men and women from the same point of view.

What is infertility in men?

Infertility in men is described as the inability to be able to produce a child even after one year of non-protected sex with his significant one. In recent years, infertility in men has increased rapidly, especially in urban areas where men live a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. Plus you can also consult Best Infertility Specialist In Delhi NCR.

According to some studies, 1 in 7 couples is infertile in which 40-45% of infertility comes from men. And interestingly, statistics suggest that the majority of infertility cases are reported in men within the age group of 29-35 years.

Symptoms and  Signs of infertility in men

Although there are no such visible signs of infertility in men. A perfectly healthy-looking male can also be infertile. However, are there are some of the symptoms which may be observed in some cases

  • Reduction in sexual desire

  • Swelling or pain in testicles

  • A lower than usual ejaculation of sperm. 

Causes and reasons of male infertility

Male fertility is quite a complex process to understand even when there are signs of infertility in men. Infertility in men can be a result of one of many reasons

  • Poor sperm count and quality 

  • Other sexual complications such as impotence, premature ejaculation, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, etc.

  • Hormonal imbalance in men

  • Genetic causes such as Down Syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, etc. 

  • Any prior injuries

  • Side effects of certain medicines or prior surgeries

  • Exposure to certain chemicals or radiation can affect the production of sperm in men.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle such as alcohol and tobacco consumption, obesity 


Generally, when there is a sign of infertility in men,  it is diagnosed by running some tests on the semen and urine of men.

As far as the treatment of male infertility is considered, it depends on the level and cause of infertility in men.


In some cases, infertility can be reversed by making some changes in lifestyle like having a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, exercising regularly, etc.

There are also surgical treatments that improve hormonal balance in men. But in many cases, permanent infertility in men can not be cured. Instead, there are some procedures and treatments which help in conceiving the woman's partner. Some of those treatments are IVF, GIFT, artificial insemination, ICSI, etc.

Bottom Line

Infertility in men is very common these days, and not understanding it is also very common. There are many best infertility specialists in Delhi NCR who can help to diagnose infertility in men. 

Mostly it comes as a shock to men who are suffering from it, and it affects them psychologically.

Although infertile men are unable to conceive a child, they still are perfectly healthy like anyone else. In most cases, infertility in men has nothing to do with sexual intercourse. Men with normal sexual desires and sexual performance can also be infertile. 

Thus, there is nothing to be ashamed to talk about infertility and to shame anyone because of that.

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