A wedding is considered as one of the most special day in a couple’s life. It is a momentous, once in a lifetime opportunity that presents itself when tying the knot. Earlier, people used to just take few wedding photos on their wedding day to preserve the memory. But, now the times are changing.

The times are changing in a sense that couple nowadays are not only hiring photographers for only one purpose but also gearing up for a wedding photo designs shoot. Women are applying beautiful bridal makeup to capture their journey in a chronological order.

Moreover, the pre-wedding photo deigns shoot is also done to announce to the friends and family that the couple are soon tying the knot. And most people use the pre-wedding as a way to introduce their spouse to the friends and family who are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Anyway, here are some of the best pre-wedding photo designs shoot ideas for you to try out:

Showing your Fun-loving Side

You should remember that wedding photo shoot is completely different from a bridal photo shoot. It is different in a way that there are no scripted poses in a pre-wedding photos design shoot. In a pre-wedding photo shoot, you have the chance to become creative.

That is, you can have loads of fun while shooting for your pre-wedding without the worries of ruining the shot. This way you can flaunt how much fun you are going to have during and after your wedding by displaying your fun-loving side.

Being Romantic in the Photos

A pre-wedding photo designs shoot is a perfect opportunity for you to relive your romance all over again. The photo shoot is a perfect example of creating a romantic environment and using some of the best ideas you might have.

You can also play out your fantasy of a fairy tale romance this way. For example, you can use rose petals falling out from the sky and on the floor for your romantic venture. Plus, if your photographer is a good editor, he/she can take care of the rest.

Showcase your Attitude in the Photographs

As a couple, you might have met people who are not really that much happy with your relationship, may it be arranged or love. So, what’s the best way to shut them up? By preparing for a pre-wedding photo shoot.

You can flaunt your love for each other with the help of a little bit of attitude. Seeing the both of you in love and especially in style, it would shut them up completely.

Wonders of India

India is a beautiful country with some of the breath taking monuments in the country. So, these monuments can become a perfect backdrop for showcasing your love. The old monuments in the country gives a very vintage vibe and can be perfect for your photo shoot.

These backdrops would serve as a great backgrounds for some of the best candid photographs, to highlight your romance. Moreover, the photo designs in front of these monuments would turn out to be symbolic as a representation of your love. Besides, it’s your love story, so make it as grand as possible in the photographs.

The Royal Experience

India isn’t devoid of palaces and royal gardens, which provides enough destinations for you to conduct your pre-wedding photo shoot. Plus, these places would be perfect for some royal pre-wedding photo designs as well as for your bridal photographs. Shooting at these places would give your pictures a regal touch.

Capturing your Life as a Couple

It is not at all necessary that you have to plan every shot before you shoot your pre-wedding photos. You don’t even have to go to a location to conduct your pre-wedding photo shoot. You can finish your entire shoot at your home itself.

All you have to do is ask your photographer to shoot the photographs as you two are going about your daily activities together. This way you would get some genuine as well as true moments in your love story.