The fate of Shows has changed within the last decade. Earlier there was a hierarchy in entertainment as well. Movies were kept on a pedestal and shows were looked down upon. They were only featured on TV and had no other place to stream. It has changed completely due to the Internet and now shows are the new cool thing. Sites like project free tv have made shows more accessible. 

This is a free torrent website that allows you to stream and download all the episodes of shows within minutes. If you are looking for a website to watch your favourite shows like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Mindhunter, etc. then this article is perfect for you as we will provide you with the information about the best torrent site to download all the shows in no time. We will discuss briefly why we think the free tv project is a great option to watch TV shows.

Why project free tv is the best option to watch shows online?

People know this site as project free tv movies option, however, this is also a great option to binge on shows regularly. You can easily download every episode that you want to watch from this torrent site. However, we should inform you about one downside of this site before you guys go ahead and watch all your shows is that this is not the safest site in the world. It has content that they do not have copyrights to, so they face problems in some countries. That is the reason why www project freetv is banned in some countries. If you do not live in those countries then go and binge your favourite show on project free tv