Web design and development are in great demand these days. Because the web is a source of information like gathering information, sharing information, and buying and selling information online. Web services are used all over the world.

Differences between web designers and developers:

Web design is a work process that is carried out immediately after the design assignment. Web design, also known as frontend among professionals. Web designers only focus on creating good and effective websites that provide a user experience for their visitors. Designers typically use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. AngularJS, BootStrap, and in some cases Flash also design websites.


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Manage the website data structure. Used for formatting and editing content. Handles multiple styles such as bold, stylish, italic, underline, color and size. You can use CSS3 to customize the content you want.


Abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Handles the display of web pages. CSS is used to describe the appearance of a document written in HTML markup language. Web designers can create better pages with this language.


This is an ECMA-based scripting language. This is an open source script. JavaScript makes pages dynamic by handling the behavior or logic of web pages. The JavaScript library is the best solution for intelligent codings like jQuery or AngularJS. You can customize the content of the page as you wish. Nowadays it is used by presentation artists, game developers, animators, and more.


Flash is used to move objects. Web designers use Flash to embed animated objects in web pages. Support for Flash on mobile devices is strictly prohibited, but computers and laptops are fully supported.

Web Development

Web development company mainly focuses on the features built into a website or web application. Development, also known as the backend or server side. Here you can find some popular website features like search, online payments, admin panel, dashboard and more. PHP developers develop with AJAX, PHP, Python, MySQL, AngularJS, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, and more. website

You need to learn the language to implement the above features on your website.


 AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for creating sophisticated USON-based JSON. Supports a single web application or SPA approach, form validation, bulk data, web services, and more.


PHP stands for "Hypertext Processor". This is an advanced language for the web to handle server-side requests and databases. This is a widely-used open source scripting language.


Drupal is used by individuals or groups of users. As an open source CMS (Content Management System). Drupal supports content management, newsletters, podcasts, picture galleries, comment management, user management and more.


This is one of the most mature and sophisticated server programs. This is an object-oriented language correctly and accurately. Large companies like Google, IBM, and Yahoo use this language a lot.