The tyre of your vehicle becomes flat when it gets punctured as the air is pushed out of the tyre. The flat tyre pressure is very low. Major destruction of the tyre is caused by such flat tyres, which effectively restricts the movement of the vehicle. This can prove to be very risky and you will not have control on your vehicle any more.

What are the reasons behind the flat tyres?

Collision: After the car collides, tyres will get separated from the wheel

Tyre Bursts: When you inflate the tyre with pressure levels more or less than the recommended level, blowouts occur. This is because the tyre gets overheated internally.

Damage to the Tyres Wem Valve: Weather exposure and debris on the road damage and weaken the tyres valves

Wear and tear: tyres also have a date of expiry like other items. You can’t expect a tyre to roll on forever. The more they are used, the faster they start deteriorating.

Punctures: It is the usual factor of flat tyres. Some sharp object enters into your tyre damaging its outer tread, the inner portion and resulting in air leakage.

Puncture Causes

  • Obstacles on the road like sharp stones and nails

  • Inadequate pressure poses more risk to the tyres as these tyres become more prone to damage by sharp objects.

  • Regular depletion causes thin tread

How can you know about your flat tyre when still driving?

It has been expressed by many drivers that they hear a sound just before the tyre starts getting flat. This is due to the occurrence of a blowout. Sometimes you won’t hear any sound. Despite having more acceleration, your car seems to be slow and struggling to move. Gradually, it will begin to decrease its pace as if someone is applying the brakes. If your car is suddenly moving to a side, it indicates that you are going to have a flat tyre.

You must do this when your tyre starts getting flat

When you notice that your tyre has started to become flat, you must immediately decrease the speed of your vehicle, move to a side and switch off the start button. Even if you are aware that there is a garage nearby, you must not keep on driving till that point. Flat tyres will cause an accident as you won’t have control of the vehicle.

You must then apply the hand brakes and verify the tyres properly.

If there are a spare tyre and required tools in your car, then you can fit the spare tyre. Later, you can drive to the nearest garage for Puncture Repair Shrewsbury.

If the spare tyre is unavailable with you, you must first determine whether the flat tyre is worth repairing.

Puncture Repair

You must know about three major factors of puncture repairing.

You must verify the damage, put an airtight packing at the internal line of the tyre and insert a patch to pack the void space created by the sharp object.

All Tyres are not Worth Repairing

You must verify the warranty and repair offered by the tyre manufacturer. You can’t fix the commercial tyres and tyres with run-flat technology.

Various tyres patching Ways

Plug and patch, patch type and plug type are three various ways of tyre patching. For fixing a puncture, the reliable method can be using a repair kit of a patch of mushroom shaped and plug combination.