That's it, finish celibacy! In a few months, to you married life ! You have found the future groom or the bride-to-be , in short, the lucky one who will share your life, have had the proposal of marriage which is tearing apart, perhaps even have you organized an engagement party?

And there you are, running headlong into the preparations for your good day. First reflex: go to wedding blogs to dream. But the more you advance in the organization of your wedding, the less you find yourself there.

Where to start? How to forget nothing? Do not panic dear future bride and groom, the blog Angry Bride will accompany you to organize the best day of your life!

Here is a short guide which recap, in twelve points how to prepare your celebration, thanks to the blog.

  • Step 1:

Set the date when you will celebrate your wedding Contrary to appearances, this is not necessarily the easiest thing. Because on the one hand you will rub the schedules of your loved ones and on the other hand that of the wedding providers.

  • How to organize:

The most urgent thing will be to find a wedding venue. Depending on the place where you wish to unite, certain areas are reserved more than a year in advance. So this is step number 1. I explained here how to choose your wedding venues in Gurgaon, use it to make your choice. Visit the places that are within your budget and that meet all the criteria that interest you and save the date. The rest will follow. You can also search there number of good wedding banquet halls in MG Road Gurgaon which are offering all inclusive services to the customer.

  • Step 2:

Make your wedding guest list Who are your loved ones who will be present on wedding? You don't have to invite everyone for this exceptional day, on the contrary sort it out because each guest is expensive!

  • How to organize:

Make a list that goes from the most important people around you and without whom you do not see yourself saying yes to the least important. Then you can start distributing the roles for your procession. Who will witness the bride and groom? Who will be bridesmaids, groomsman or child of honor (those who will throw rose petals during your visit - or not -) ... that's it; we get to the heart of the matter!

  • Step 3:

What will be the budget for my wedding? Tell yourself that normally you are going to exceed it anyway, but whatever, it is important to know about your wedding packages according to your budget your wedding to find out how much you can spend on your nice day.

  • How to organize:

I explained in this article how to calculate everything; I let you take a look at it so as not to forget anything. You will find in this category of the blog many articles which will help you not to ruin yourself for your WEDDING. Tips to save money, cheap DIY ... I let you explore the blog full of tips to organize your wedding serenely, without taking the lead!

  • Step 4:

Choose your marriage providers Who are the professional event booking planners who will be at your side for your wedding and will make every effort to make this day the most beautiful of your life?

  • How to organize:

Request quotes from all the trades you want on Wedding. Caterer, DJ, lay ceremony official , florist, wedding planner, wedding photographer , videographer, pastry chef for your set-up ... it's up to you to see which pros are essential or which are optional depending on your budget.

  • Step 5:

Try and buy the bride and groom's outfit We do not get married in jogging, well, in practice it's possible, but it's also so bad! A nice costume for dulhan, a beautiful wedding dress like lehanga and Sherwani for couple ... and then we think of accessories (shoes, hairdressing and beauty in general).

  • How to get organized:

We will make fittings in several specialized stores or we will call on a designer who will make your custom wedding outfit.

  • Step 6:

What form of marriage do you want? Religious marriage, simple civil marriage, secular ceremony or then simple marriage type Elopement? It's time to make a point on your desires for the celebration of your love.

  • How to organize:

Discuss it between lovers. Are you believers? do you prefer a short ceremony so as not to be too much put forward? You can also discuss the entertainment of your wedding like Games, speeches, what do you plan to do?

  • Step 7:

Take stock of your wedding stationery That is to say that I strongly advise you to send announcements. At least, In addition to invitations you can send save-the-date; provide thanks and other stationery items.

  • How to organize:

You will find here everything there is to know about wedding stationery, use it so as not to forget any information at the time of writing your announcements.

  • Step 8:

Your wedding theme Of course, we are not in “4 weddings for 1 honeymoon “with a super strict theme. But you have to choose a common thread for the atmosphere of your lovely day.

  • How to organize:

Country wedding, color theme ... I strongly recommend that you take a look at Pinterest to find inspiration. And decorate your wedding to your image.

  • Step 9:

What gifts for your guests? The trend is no longer for sugared almonds. But there are no rules. Candles, sunglasses ... I made you a little guide here.

  • How to organize:

Do according to your budget (the DIY are not necessarily more economical!)

  • Step 10:

Develop your seating plan How will you place your guests? Doing according to affinities, which put on the head table etc ..., I gave you 10 tips here.

  • How to organize:

To start you will need the more or less definitive list of people present for your wedding meal. Then there are different techniques, you will find the easiest to implement on the green link just above.

  • Step 11:

Wedding list or ballot box? Whether you want to go on honeymoon or you want to make a case to recover a little bit of money compared to the budget generated by the organization of your WEDDING, you will have to choose between wedding lists.

  • How to get organized:

If you choose to make a wedding list, you will find here a little guide that will enlighten you. For the ballot boxes, be careful, there are pros and cons ... you should perhaps read this testimony.

  • Step 12:

Make a schedule of the day Indispensable, especially if you do not go through a wedding planner. Who does what? At what time? When do the witnesses have to meet? Who takes the bride to the town hall? How long will your wedding show last? You have to plan everything so you do not forget anything. Stalling everything will help you de-stress.

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