Cycling can be done for very different reasons. This can vary from the daily ride to work and back, to school, just for fun, shopping and you name it. To illustrate this, I have listed all the benefits of cycling for you. Not only as confirmation for those who already cycle regularly, but also to get non-cyclists in the saddle!

1) Cycling is sustainable

This time we do not start with the benefits of cycling for your body, but with the benefits for the environment. Have you ever realized that no fewer than 20 bicycles can fit on 1 car parking space? The cyclist also wins in terms of efficiency: You are no less than 3 times faster than walking, with the same energy consumption . In addition, a car is about 20 x heavier than you, while you are only 6 x heavier than your bike.

It is therefore logical that it is better for you to take in the energy yourself than to refuel many times more energy in your car to move 20 times your weight. Can you still follow it? It doesn't matter, just assume that the production and use of the bicycle is extremely efficient and sustainable. Good for the environment AND for your wallet.

2) Cycling improves your resistance

In the past apples had to be eaten to keep the doctor out, nowadays it is cycling. Movement in general supports your resistance, so that you are better equipped to fight against bacteria and viruses . Research has shown that people who cycle at least 5 days a week, at least 30 minutes a day, take up half of their sick days than people who do not cycle or exercise in general.

You can already achieve this result simply by cycling to and from work!

3) Cycling makes you smarter

A while ago research was done into the relationship between exercise and brain activity. It turned out that already with 5% more heart contraction can already cause a 15% increase in brain activity . After the examination, the subjects who cycled regularly made the tests offered much better than those who did not engage in any form of exercise.

Movement ensures that the production of brain cells is increased. Not only in general, but especially in the part of the brain that is responsible for your memory. In addition, the oxygen content in the brain increases as blood circulation increases due to movement. In the study, the cautious conclusion emerged that this may well be the reason why exercise helps against, for example, Alzheimer's disease. Also, one can use these cycling app to get more data about daily health.

4) Cycling and your career

Cycling has more consequences than you would initially think. Also for your career and career. Research has shown that people who cycle regularly, or exercise in general, can cope better with stress at work and have better motivation. It also promotes the mood, and therefore the atmosphere in the workplace.

These sporting employees also take shorter breaks and are better able to plan and finish work on time.

5) Cycling and your weight

The moment you decide to do something about your overweight , jogging is often chosen rather than cycling. It is indeed a fact that jogging burns the most fat, and in the quickest way. But you don't make the decision to lose weight for nothing, you are too heavy. And obese people have trouble running .

When putting down a foot, a pressure is exerted that is more than 2x as large as your body weight. It is at that very moment that the bicycle is a much better solution. The majority of your weight rests on the saddle, so that your knees are hardly burdened by the weight.

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