For anyone, seeing a dentist can be a nightmare. We understand this at Dental Care Centre and take excellent care to work tirelessly to make your experience a fun and memorable one. Awarded as the best dental clinic for the year by the Highly Commended Clinic, Smile Care Dental Clinic and Implant Center proudly say that we have the Best Dentist In Airoli"Seen never before" kind of dental clinic setting.

There are five signs when you have to see the dentist

1- Toothache- Toothache discomfort may differ from unbearable to tolerable. How are you going to see the dentist for tooth pain? Constant pain is an indicator that you can see a dentist as soon as possible, not next year, not next month. Inflammation in a tooth is impossible to recover on its own because of a cavity, inflammation, or several other causes.

2-Dry Mouth- You are vulnerable to infection and tooth decay when your mouth ceases supplying adequate saliva. Saliva neutralizes acids, helps to absorb food and affects the sense of taste. Those advantages can be obstructed by an inadequate volume. A dentist will help you determine your dry mouth's source and propose solutions to this problem.

3-Irritated gums- Usually, minor gum bleeding is nothing to think about, but persistent bleeding could be a symptom of a more severe problem. Check for other gum disease warning signs, such as redness, swelling, and missing permanent teeth.

4-Jaw pain- It's also likely the jaw pain is caused by a cavity. Cavity bacteria can migrate to the root of the tooth, causing jaw pain and, if left untreated, ultimately leading to an abscessed tooth. The pain can subside, so make an appointment to see a doctor to get the treatment you need if and when it comes back.

5-Bad breath- After a garlic-like meal or cup of coffee, bad breath is expected. Although, if it continues after cleaning and flossing, something else is definitely going on. A symptom of gum disorder, an oral tooth or other medical condition may be foul breath.

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