The notary public process is a necessary service that helps individuals, companies, and businesses document signatures and notarize documents without hassle. Notary Public Oakland County is proud to offer notary public services to those and companies in the Rochester Hills and all over the State of Michigan. Notary Public will notarize any documents for you including legal forms and contracts, but will not do so for any other papers unless specifically authorized to do so by the Secretary of State or the laws regulating notary public agencies. Notary Public services are regulated through an act of the Michigan legislature, "An Act to regulate notary public practices and business affairs". The law makes it illegal for anyone not authorized to notarize a document to do so without first receiving a notary commission.

Notary Public Oakland County will not give you a quote without first becoming notary public or a certified notary signing agent. What does this mean? It means you need to pay the money upfront in order to become one...and if you don't pay the money upfront then you can never become a notary public! Not only must you pay the money up front but you must complete a 100-hour class before even being considered as a certified notary public.

In order to be a notary public or a certified notary signing agent, one needs to pass many notary public exams. A notary public exam can take anything from one week to 3 years to pass, depending on the specific state they are practicing in. The National Security Group offers a great many notary public exams online that can be taken in as little as two weeks. Notary exams are required because when individuals sign various types of documents such as loan documents, deeds, power of attorney, and so on, they must have a notary public sign this document. Without a notary public or a certified notary signing agent, an individual could end up committing a felony by helping someone illegal obtain a loan, deed, or other type of legal documentation.

Notary signing agents are also appointed by the county where the documents need to be signed. Most counties will not allow non-residents to serve as notary publics, meaning if you wanted to be a notary public in Oakland, CA you would have to be from there...and that could be a problem. Notaries are not allowed to participate in certain transactions within the county, such as making notary public notary bond trades, for example. So if you were looking to become a notary public in Oakland, CA you would have to move to that specific county and take the exam there. You cannot work as a notary public in Oakland, CA if you lived elsewhere at any time. This can be tricky if you plan on relocating to the Bay Area in the future.

Luckily, though, you can still find some Oakland mobile notary signing agents if you know where to look. In fact, these agencies make it their business to locate all the notary publics in Oakland and provide them with whatever services they may need. These companies will have agents in all the places around Oakland, too, so if you wanted a notary bond service in West Oakland but lived in East Oakland, you'd still be able to use that same notary public agent. This is very helpful in situations when you may not be able to move anywhere but to get your notary bond in Oakland, CA.

Another way to find a mobile notary is to ask people you know who are already notaries. Have them to recommend someone they use regularly. While you can't be sure of the person's reputation, you can be sure that he or she does not charge too much. You should also find out if there is a bond involved, since that will affect how much money you'll pay. This way, you won't end up paying more than necessary for a notary public in Oakland, CA.