In this article, I will highlight the strategies from my blog SEO checklist which I am sure you would find very useful. The anatomy of a perfect blog post that is SEO ready requires well-written content and time-proven strategies.

I assume that you are already writing long-form content. If not, you should seriously consider the same.

After the post, I am sharing with you a checklist in PDF format. You can download it and use it as a worksheet – take out print copies of the same and use it every time before hitting the “Publish” button.

I have checked for spellings

When you revise your draft make sure that there are no spelling mistakes. You would not want to publish a post that has typos in it. You can use spydialer to get information from anyone.

If you are not sure, use a spell check tool. Or simply use Word.

I have checked for grammatical mistakes for my perfect blog post

Just like typos are a big no-no, grammatical mistakes are bad for your branding. Your mistakes can be unintentional, but these mistakes reflect poorly on. It causes trust issues with your readers.

Check for grammatical mistakes before proceeding. You can use free online tools like Reverso for this if you are not sure.

Some other free tools include Ginger Software among others. I would prefer Reverso because it auto corrects spelling and grammar mistakes and highlights them for you to see.

I can read through the entire post without any pause

You must be able to read through your entire blog post without having to pause. When you have to pause it would mean any of the following –

1. Improper sentence construction.

2. Complex sentence

3. Spelling or grammar mistakes

4. Ambiguous meaning

Try rectifying these mistakes and give it another read. Continue this process until you can read from the beginning to the end without having to pause a bit.

I have an effective and persuasive post title

How to optimize a blog post for SEO? It starts with the title which should not be more than 50-55 characters. This is to ensure that Google can display the complete name without the need to trim characters from your title.

Also, try to keep the title persuasive. It should motivate the reader enough to click on your blog post and read through.

My text is organized and divided into smaller sections with headings and subheadings

Your content should never be one piece of the chunk. It looks bad and negatively affects readability.

We are writing on the internet. Whatever you write is read either on tablets, smartphones, PCs or laptops. A big chunk of text can tire the eyes of the readers. It is also difficult to scan through which is widely prevalent while reading online.

Break your code into logical groups. Have a heading and sub-heading for each. This helps the reader in understanding the context of the content within each block.

Scanning the content also becomes easy. Wherever required format the text to highlight important phrases and words. You can bold the text or italicize it.

I have assigned blog post to ONLY one category

Categorizing your blog post is very important. Doing it properly helps your reader find the content of his or her interest quicker.

I have seen many bloggers assign 2 or more categories to a certain blog post. I highly recommend it.

Always ensure that you have your blog postmarked with one category only.

I have assigned relevant tags

Add relevant tags to your blog post awesome WordPress plugins. You can provide multiple tags to your blog post.

If you are confused between when and where to use categories blog.

Have added a featured image

Add a featured image to your blog post. It looks nice and professional.

I have added Call To Action in my Blog (ask a question for reader engagement)

Call to Action is very important to growing your audience and increasing engagement on your blog. It is asking the reader to take some action after he or she has read your blog post.

So how to implement Call to Action in your post?

Ask a relevant and related question to your readers. It can be regarding your post or something that you have not mentioned in your post. Encourage your readers to comment on the question.

You can also ask your readers to subscribe to your blog, or like your social networking profiles on the internet.

I have embedded subscriber form in my post (If your theme does this automatically leave it out)

This can be considered as a part of Call to Action that I have explained previously.

Embed a subscriber form in your blog post. You can put this at the beginning or in the middle of your blog post or at the end of the post. You may also need to take care of variancetv error while using this plugin.

I have compressed all my images

Images that are high definition are larger and not compressing them leads to slow loading of pages.

It is thus very important to ensure that your images are compressed and then inserted in your post. Use WP Smush for compressing images.

All my images have Description and Alt text

Images are often inserted into text casually. You might have a very nice and descriptive image on your blog.

But make sure that you are utilizing the complete potential of images because they can influence your SEO. Always put a short description and Alt text for every image in your post.

I have implemented a Keyword Phrase in one image

Providing a description and Alt text for your images is good; also try to have your keyword phrase present in one of your images.

Warning: Don’t put the keyword phrase in all your images. That is equivalent to keyword stuffing and your post might be penalized.

I have implemented a Meta description with the keyword phrase in it

Always make sure that you have a Meta description present for your post. You can also consider it as your SEO post description. Make it sound appealing, and briefly describe in 150 characters what it is all about.

Because search engines show your Meta description below your site title, the reader goes through it and gets an idea of to expect after clicking on the link.

Ensure that the keyword phrase is contained in it.

I have used internal links in my post

Internal links are very useful to provide Google a signal that the reader is playing around with the elements of your post and this is a sign of reader engagement. It is thus a very important feature of any blog SEO checklist

Also, it decreases your bounce rate and retains the reader on your site for a longer period.

My URL is readable and words are separated by hyphens

A friendly URL will get you more clicks from the search results. Provide a URL that is easily readable by a human.

Keep it short and sweet. Separate the words in the URL using hyphens (-) and avoid using plus (+) or under-scores (_).

I have implemented the Keyword phrase in Title

In your blog post title, keep the keyword phrase of your content. It’s better if you can keep it at the front itself.

From an SEO perspective, “Best Romantic Books of 2016” is better than “2016’s The Best Romantic Books”.

 Blog SEO Checklist includes the keyword phrase is in the first paragraph of my content

It is a good SEO practice to have the keyword phrase in your content very near to the title.

So try incorporating it in the first paragraph of your post. You might already be following it if you are using Yoast SEO Plugin (highly recommended).

I have implemented the Keyword phrase in one Heading or sub-heading

Use the keyword phrase in one of the headings or sub-headings. If you are writing long-form content, have it twice in the headings and sub-headings.

 My body text contains keyword phrase (Less than 1.5% of total word count)

The general content of your body should contain the keyword phrase. Ensure that this does not exceed the 1.5% limit.

For example, if you are writing a 2000 word post, the total word count of your keyword phrase should not be more than 30 words. So, if your keyword phrase is 5 words long, you should use it not more than 6 times (including the headings and sub-headings) for a perfect blog SEO.

I have implemented the Keyword phrase in URL

Does the URL contain the keyword phrase? If not, go ahead and do it. However, if you are targeting multiple keyword phrases, you can include only one of them which you think will get more hits.

You may download how to write SEO friendly blog post Checklist by using the form below. As soon as you complete the form, we will send you an email containing the details.

Once you have downloaded it, please share our post so that more people can get benefited from it. Print it out and give wings to your blogging success. All the best!