The SEO website analysis is an important process to know the work carried by SEO Services Agency Dubai for your business website or eCommerce. The information prepared by Best SEO Agency Dubai from this research is important for making changes that will strengthen your SEO services plan. How can you do it easily and quickly? Here we will tell you.

How is the Presence of your pages in Google?

The first step is to perform an SEO services analysis on the most important search engine that exists to check the visibility of your website. You can resort to quick but useful techniques to do it:

  • Type URL (of your website): com in Google and see the results: this procedure to verify the presence of your site is the simplest and will give you relevant information instantly. For example, if your website or eCommerce has 100 publications and only 65 appear in the results, you are facing a big problem. The question to answer is: what happened to the rest of your web pages?

Some reasons why Google did not index your web pages:

  • Your website loads very slowly.
  • Your hosting service is poor.
  • Google can penalize content if it is plagiarized or of very low quality.

To know exactly what is happening with your website, use tools to detect the loading speed of your site, such as Page Speed Insights. Also, perform a subsequent analysis in Google Search Console to determine what other factors are affecting your SEO Services.

  • Search by keyword: in the Google search engine enter the selected keywords your SEO Services Agency Dubai is working on. The results that Google returns will indicate the ranking of your pages where this term is found, in such a way that, if you appear on the first page, it means that Best SEO Agency Dubai are performing a good SEO Services. If, on the other hand, a specific URL of your website appears on the tenth page of the results, you will have to make important adjustments to your website to improve the ranking.

Perform an SEO Services Analysis of your URLs

The addresses or URLs of each individual page on your website should be optimized for search engines to properly recognize and display them to the public. However, some companies do not pay attention to this aspect, which has a negative impact on SEO.

When the words to include the URLs are not manually chosen, the CMS will define it automatically. This results in the web address being full of strange symbols or elements that do not contribute anything to SEO. On the contrary, if you select the right words for your URL, it will reflect a coherent and clean description of the content it leads to. This is something that Google and the major search engines like.

Perform a selective review of your URLs and proceed to make the necessary changes. Keep in mind that by modifying any of them you can lose the "likes" that you have accumulated from your social networks, for example. However, it is a necessary and urgent procedure in your SEO services analysis.

Analyze if you have Broken Links on your Website

Through Google Web Mastertools, perform a quick SEO services audit of your website to detect the number of broken or expired links you have, which affect your positioning. Proceed to repair them as soon as possible to provide a better experience for users.

Optimize Images

Best SEO Agency Dubai recommends reducing the size of the images that accompany your content, as well as add the ALT tag with relevant keywords. All this will improve the speed of the page and allow the engines to recognize the content and its context.

Use Internal Links

These types of links will improve your visibility on Google and also help the user to navigate your website more easily. Analyze your content and add the internal links you need, always in relation to the information you present.

Improve the quality of content in general

Finally SEO Services Agency Dubai defines the essential elements for success is the quality of your SEO services. Their originality, coherence and relevance will largely determine the success of your website, so keep an eye on these elements whenever you undertake a SEO Services.

The analysis of SEO Services will yield valuable information. So take advantage of it to optimize your website and make it look flawless for the major search engines.