You might have seen the mobile phone advertisement for the brand Xiaomi Where a signature ringtone rings and people all around are fumbled to find their own phones. If the popularity of the brand was not clear to you, it might have cleared things up for you. Being the largest selling android mobile phone brand in India, Xiaomi has presented the market with quite a few innovations among android smartphones. Among these, the launch of My A3 Is a notable one because of its unique dual camera feature. To protect such an elegant piece of technology, one needs to find the best cover. The best Mi A3 case or covers are:

1. Comic book characters back cover for Xiaomi Mi A3

This chic back cover which is specially made to fit the body of Xiaomi Mi A3 is the right blend of beauty and benefits. The matte exterior of the cover gives it an attractive appearance. The feel of touching is very smooth and makes it comfortable to hold for long hours. The custom made design is perfect for the comic book lovers for both Marvel as well as DC. The range of characters from Batman and Joker to Captain America and Deadpool are available to be printed on the back.

2. Quotes for Xiaomi Mi A3

Polycarbonate hard plastic has been hailed as one of the best materials for phone cases all over the world. The utility of such covers and cases combined with the looks of it makes it a winner among phone cases. There are some quotes that not only help us get through the day but also remind us to be positive, happy and loved. Pick from a wide range of quotes like 'love without limits' to get your morning motivation on your phone. Else, the quote can be light and fun like 'All I need is sleep'. And of course, 'I'll be there for you'.


3. Cartoon themed back cover case 

There is nothing better than looking at your phone and getting reminded of childhood fun. For your inner child, a cartoon themed back cover is perfect for brightening up your day. For a good Mi A3 case, this is the phone case of choice and it can be designed with the cartoon character of your choice like Tom and Jerry. Add a bit of nostalgia to the mix of overloaded cuteness of these characters and there we have the best phone back covers. Plus, it is affordable and provides heavy-duty performance. 

4. Travel back cover for Xiaomi Mi A3

No one needs to tell you how amazing a beautiful scene on the cover looks. The travel motivation and the hues of exotic places sells itself. It is a little uncommon but that is what gives it a unique edge. If you are a travel enthusiast, this will be your perfect match. 

5. Wooden appeal covers

There is nothing better than a wooden look of a phone back cover without having to pay for the wooden material. The customised plastic case has the design of rustic wood printed on the cover. To top it off, the cuts and holes of the covers are balanced for the easy operation of the phone.