Hidden causes of erectile dysfunction(ED) which men are not aware of, is something that you would definitely need to know, as ED is one of the most common sexual problems in the world and there are around 200 million men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Just What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

ED is also called male sexual impotence and it is when:

  • You are unable to get harden, almost all the time.
  • If you do get harden, you are unable to sustain it long enough so that you can have sex.
  • Your interest in sex starts to get less and less.
  • You suffer from premature ejaculation or other kinds of ejaculation problems. 

Other Problems Due To Erectile Dysfunction

When you suffer from male impotency, besides not being able to have sex, there are a number of other problems that arise, such as:

  • Your relationship between your sexual partner and you starts to turn bad.
  • You tend to suffer from anxiety and stress.
  • Your sex life is a total fiasco.
  • You start to suffer from lack of confidence.
  • You start getting depressed.
  • You suffer from mood swings and even start to throw tantrums with anyone and everyone. 
  • You start to have issues at your work place.
  • Your self esteem is low.

The Connection between Erectile Dysfunction and No Sex

On its own, ED is not at all serious. Of course, if you have erectile dysfunction, you will not be able to have sex and not being able to have sex can be pretty bad for you, for a number of reasons such as:

  • Not having sex regularly can have adverse effects on your mental health.
  • When you have sex on a regular basis, your stress levels are reduced. But, not having sex regularly can cause you to have hypertension or high blood pressure. 
  • Your relationship with your sexual partner could be badly affected if you do not have regular sex.
  • Not having sex regularly can weaken your bladder. This means you will be rushing to take a leak all the time, because you are not having regular sex.
  • The lesser sex you have, the lesser your body wants you to have sex in the long run. And there may come a time, when you will have no interest at all in sex.
  • The more sexually active you are, the lesser are your chances of getting prostate cancer. 
  • You get better sleep when you have sex regularly, as having sex produces the hormone prolactin that helps you sleep. Needless to say, when you do not have sex, you are not able to get proper and enough sleep. 
  • Antibodies are produced when you have sex regularly and these help in the strengthening of your immune system and help you to fight flu, colds and other kinds of allergic reactions.
  • Having sex regularly makes you feel less anxious and less stressful, as when you have sex, oxytocin and endorphins are released and these make you feel free from anxiety and stress.
  • When you do not have regular sex, the muscles in your penis can slow down or get weak. And as such, you can start to suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

How Bad Can Erectile Dysfunction Be?

Reason of weakness in man (ED) can be very bad if it is neglected. This is because erectile dysfunction is actually a warning sign to you that you could be suffering from some kind of disease, even one that could be deadly to you.

As such, if you know you are suffering from male impotency, you need to immediately seek treatment for this, as not doing so, means that you are risking your life.

Hidden Causes Due To Why Men Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some hidden causes, due to why many men suffer from ED and it is very likely that most of these men do not even know of these:

Medicines: There are some medicines which are taken for treating various illnesses and these medicines cause male impotency. Some such medicines are those taken for epilepsy, lowering of cholesterol, antidepressants, high blood pressure and antipsychotics. 

Gum Disease: Having gums that are infected and inflamed could heighten your risks of suffering from male impotency. Studies done on mice, suggest that there is a connection between male impotency and gum disease. But, the connection that could be there in men and gum disease, which could bring about ED, is not at all clear. One thing is for sure though; gum disease is a clear sign that a person has poor overall health. Gum disease has also been linked to being at a higher risk of suffering from heart disease, which is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction. 

Diabetes: If you have diabetes, your chances of suffering from ED are increased by three times, as diabetes affects the blood vessels and the nerves. 

Bicycling: Bicycling for many hours, can cause ED. This is because bicycling for many hours, without changing the position, can cause the blood vessels and the perineal nerves to get compressed. This causes the nerves to get damaged and these results in male impotency. There are some bicycles addles that cause more trouble than others. When you are bicycling and you happen to get feelings of numbness or tingling in your penis, change the position in which you are riding on the bicycle and if possible, take a break.

Depression: This can cause you to lose interest in sex. If you suffer from this, it is important that you see a doctor at once. 

Wife Befriending Your Male Friends: Psychological factors play a big role in sex. If you happen to know or see that your wife is spending a great deal of time with your male friends, your chances of getting erectile dysfunction are very high. Studies show that men who had female partners who were close to their male friends, were at more than a 90% risk of not getting harden and not being able to maintain one. 

Peyronie’s Disease: This is a disease where the penis becomes curved because of scar tissue which hardens the area. So, when a man gets an erection, he gets a lot of pain because of this.

Medications for an Enlarged Prostate or Loss of Hair: Taking these medications could result in loss of libido and erectile dysfunction for some men. 

Smoking: As a result of smoking, the blood vessels are damaged. This includes those blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. And because of this, it becomes impossible to get harden.

Stress and Anxiety: If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, it can get very difficult for you to have sex. One of the most common reasons to suffer from ED is what is known as ‘performance anxiety’.

High Cholesterol: When you have a high level of cholesterol, you are at a very high risk of getting atherosclerosis. This is where the arteries get narrow and become clogged. This results in the flow of blood being impaired. And as this also takes place with the arteries of the penis, the blood flow to the penis does not take place sufficiently enough for a man to get an erection. 

Is It Possible To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, it is possible to prevent ED in the following ways:

  • Do not smoke.
  • Have foods that are right for you.
  • Do not have tobacco.
  • Exercise on a regular basis, without fail. 
  • The medicines you take may cause you to suffer from erectile dysfunction. So, consult your doctor and find out if any of them could be responsible for this.
  • Do not have alcohol. If you must have alcohol, keep it to a minimal amount.
  • If you are overweight or obese, lose weight.
  • Do not take illegal drugs.
  • Always ensure that your weight is healthy. 
  • Go for regular medical checkups. 

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Q. Is erectile dysfunction is curable?

There are many various causes of erectile dysfunction: some can be cured, others can’t. But the good news is you can often improve ED symptoms through some kind of treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction is usually treatable with medication or surgery. However, a person may be able to treat the underlying problem and reverse symptoms with no drug. The best treatment may depend on the person. Some find that traditional treatments, such as surgery or medication, do not work.

Q. What is the most effective medicine for ED?

The best treatment for ED is the one that is best for you. Currently, there are five oral drugs available to treat ED - Cialis, Levitra, Stendra, Staxyn, and Viagra. Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) are the most commonly prescribed and are equally safe and effective. In most cases, lifestyle and cost will help you decide between them.