Digital marketing in Reunion becomes a strategic issue for any business. Still don't see how this could help you? Let's take a look at the six benefits of including digital marketing in your marketing plan. Digital Marketing Services.

Breaking down physical boundaries

When you live on an island like Reunion, digital marketing becomes a real opportunity. Physical boundaries are abolished.

You can implement a whole set of tools to complete this quest. Know that if you want to export, the first instinct of your interlocutor in the target country will be to look for you on the web.

Increase awareness of your business

Thanks to the following digital actions, your notoriety skyrockets:

An effective website geared towards conversion

Of articles blog who are interested in issues of your persona

Messages posted on social networks: relaying your blog articles or lighter posts

A newsletter that keeps in touch with your database

In short, we see you on the internet, and we are not even talking about advertising here! Even better, your site and your blog guarantee the sustainability of your visibility if they are correctly optimized for natural referencing.

Generate real prospects

A digital marketing strategy must concretely develop the company. In what way? Following the inbound marketing methodology, you will follow the following 4 steps: attract, convert, conclude, and delight:

The goal is not only to gain traffic on its website but to generate real qualified prospects. To find out more, read our article “ Inbound marketing explained to my mother ”.

Perfectly calculate your ROI

Since everything is measurable digitally, it becomes perfectly possible to know the return on investment (ROI) of each of your actions:

Which campaign resulted in the most clicks?

Which source generated the most leads and conversions?

What action has increased your sales if you have an e-commerce site?

Unlike traditional marketing techniques, digital allows you to know exactly what influences the performance of your business.

In the same line, know that digital allows you to dispose of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs in English for Key Performance Indicators) that help you to monitor the health of your strategy. Depending on your goals, you will pay attention:

to traffic

the conversion rate of Internet users into identified prospects

at the click-through rate on your emailing

the number of comments on your blog articles, Facebook posts, etc.

Lower cost

Be careful, a shocking argument to convince your boss: digital marketing is cheaper than campaigns on traditional media.

In inbound marketing, the cost of acquiring a lead is about 60% cheaper than with traditional methods (Hubspot).

In general, in digital, whether it is a display campaign on Adwords or content promotion via Facebook, you pay for your campaigns with a view to results. No more CPM (cost per thousand), here we think in CPC (cost per click) and we focus our attention on the CTR (Click Through Rate, or the click rate).

It should be noted that digital has supplanted TV and now represents the number one marketing investment item for companies.

The personalization of the relationship

Thanks to the multiple data that you collect on your prospects at the different stages of their purchase cycle (conversion tunnel), you build your own database. The segmentation is up to you, and even better, the customization is up to you!

Besides, advertising platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, or Adwords allow targeting based on very specific criteria. We no longer water the whole of Reunion when we want to highlight its exterior wood maintenance product, but we can target DIY enthusiasts in the region! Digital Marketing in Pakistan.

As you can see, the advantages of digital marketing for a Reunionese company are multiple: cost, performance monitoring, conversion… What are you waiting for to include a little more digital in your marketing?