Digital Marketing Strategy

Every marketing campaign serves a larger digital strategy, and that strategy serves a business goal. To ensure what we deliver aligns with what you need, Gawdo.Com  Google Analytics-certified content strategists work closely with your marketing team and other company stakeholders to understand your industry, your organisation and your goals. We build a partnership that is focused on getting results:

Brand awareness.

Lead generation.

Sales enablement.

Conversion marketing.

Website performance.

Here’s what we deliver as part of an end-to-end marketing strategy:

Strategic analysis

We identify areas for improvement that will help you achieve your goals, whether that’s increasing website traffic, boosting conversion rates, retargeting deep-funnel leads, reducing bounce rates or improving the search ranking of a specific page. We can also help pinpoint a target audience through detailed persona development.

Content creation

Our writers, designers, consultants and videographers conduct detailed research, interviews with subject matter experts and SEO content planning to identify trending topics and produce insightful, high-quality, engaging content.

Metrics and reports

We compile baseline metrics through careful analysis of Google Analytics, Search Console, HubSpot, SEMRush, Moz and more. This helps us get a snapshot of your overall web presence, your site performance on search engines, your social media footprint and who’s looking at your content. When you work with us on a rolling basis, you’ll receive monthly reports on your digital marketing campaign progress. Your dedicated content marketing strategist (CMS) will highlight wins, areas for growth and actionable recommendations for improving your strategy. Or, request a custom report that dives deep in a specific aspect of your marketing activities.

Ongoing analysis

A marketing campaign doesn’t simply end when the content is published. Our strategists and consultants can provide ongoing analysis of KPIs with an eye on bottom-line revenue. This includes tracking organic search traffic and understanding how algorithm updates on major platforms such as Google, Bing and Facebook affect your digital presence. When new opportunities arise, your CMS can point them out. With our team of experts in every category of digital marketing, we can help you create the next article, white paper, video, landing page, social media contest (or something else) that draws positive attention to your brand.

Strategy development

We work with your marketing team to plan for the execution of your digital marketing strategy. We involve project managers, consultants and creatives at this stage to make sure all stakeholders are working toward the same goal.

Promotion and distribution

Content strategists, project managers and social media consultants work together to craft a multichannel marketing strategy that promotes your content through social media platforms, email, influencer outreach, display ads and other mediums.