You may have heard about the importance of a brand maintaining a digital presence, right? After all, social networks remain ubiquitous on most mobile devices on the planet.

To emphasize this argument, just look at the indices: the Global Digital Statshot 2019 report, conducted by data companies Hootsuite and We Are Social, accounted for more than 3.5 billion users - in 2017 that number was 3 billion.

In addition, to get an idea of this proportion, the figure mentioned above represents 46% of the world population. Given this scenario, there is no doubt: creating a good strategy on social networks is essential for companies to remain active.

Therefore, social networks are great channels of online communication and, therefore, any company that wants to succeed on the internet, needs to pay more attention to them.

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4 steps to build a good social media strategy

Check out the step by step on how to build a good strategy on social networks and give a kick start to get ahead of your competitors!

1. Planning

The first step in creating good social media strategies is planning. After all, there is no point in creating multiple profiles on social networks, posting content at random, if you don't have an action guide.

In short, everything in digital marketing needs prior planning. Then, put the ideas on paper and define the stages of your strategy, regardless if the actions are more specific, such as a campaign in uniform # 10 , for example.

2. Define your goal

The second stage of its strategy involves defining the brand's goals in relation to digital media. Generally, professionals have the following purposes:

  • Brand exposure;
  • Traffic generation;
  • Lead generation;
  • Higher number of sales, even of specific products, such as plastic injection mold .

In fact, there is no way to develop a marketing strategy on social networks if your goals are not well defined.

3. Create a persona 

Basically, a persona is the characterization of the target audience that you want to reach, that is, it is a fictional character that presents the main characteristics of your brand's audience.

The creation of a persona will define the content to be shared, the dates, times and frequency and, of course, the most appropriate social network to reach your target audience.

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4. Choose channels 

As we mentioned earlier, it is useless to create profiles on all social networks if you cannot control them.

In addition, if your audience is not present on these networks, maintaining the digital presence will be a waste of time, resources, investments, products, such as high speed steel drill , among others.

With the right tool, you can determine which social networks your brand really needs to bet on. Furthermore, each network has a specific characteristic and, therefore, it is essential to study them.

Ready to build your strategy?

Now it's up to you! But before that, we have one more important tip: monitoring and metrics. After all, to be successful in your strategy, you need to control your actions on social networks.

Using metrics, it is possible to analyze the performance of your campaigns, posts, the interaction of users with the brand, among other variables.

So, follow these steps to devise a good social media marketing. Then, tell us the success of your action!