Did you get an error 001 or a flashing message ‘not connected’ each time you try to install Roku device? Relax! This problem is not as tough as it seems to be!

Users can easily fix the error code 001 on Roku with few simple steps.

But first basics…

What is Roku error 001?

Simply put, it is an activation error. This means that the error arises when one tries to setup/activate the streaming device using code. If we strive to know the reason behind this, it usually the faulty network and intermittent internet. 

However, the problem may also trigger if you’re trying to use a Roku model in a non-supported region where the Roku servers are inaccessible.

So if the issue is arising due to the faulty Roku wireless connection setup, then you may refer to the device manual to correct the setup. Otherwise, you can apply the instructions mentioned below:

Note the solutions mentioned below help correct any Roku activation problems including error code 009.

Error 001 on roku-solutions

The below solutions are easy and helpful and can be used by any person who doesn't feel confident enough for technical work.

  1. Troubleshoot your internet for random glitches. Does your Roku show network alert on screen? Or are you unable to connect your Roku with the internet? If yes, then simply disconnect your Roku from the home network for a short wait. And try again to connect it with the network.
  2. Update your device. Yes, outdated devices can lead to many unpredictable errors and error code 001 is one of them. To update your Roku device, plug it out from the main power supply and keep it unplugged for a few seconds. 
  3. Check your Activation code. You may or may not know that the code is case-sensitive. And also validity time to use within. So maybe this is the case why you’re getting the 001 setup error. Be sure you’re hitting the right code. Despite typing the right code, if your Roku link code is not working, then you may try to regenerate a fresh code.
  4. Change your router location. If you have placed your Roku device so bar from the Roku. Or if you have kept it in an enclosed area such as a table cabinet. Likewise, you should also keep your router far away from direct sunlight.
  5. Last but not least is the incompatible device. If your device doesn’t meet all the specifications required to activate Roku TV, then it may turn into error code 001.

More than 73% percent of users fix the issue using the above steps. However, if this doesn't go with you may read the Roku error code 001 guide for better and complete understanding.


Using the above methods users can fix the issue of Roku 001 error. In addition to this, if you're struggling with can’t add channels to Roku, Roku remote not working or Roku unable to show all channels issues, then you can visit here.