Couples After Online Marriage Procedure in Pakistan:

Jamila Advocate an experienced lawyer for online marriage procedure in Pakistan is of the view that the couples most have some guidelines to live marital life. Each one of us needs to be 'loved. No affection can be expressed fully without some physical demonstration. There is NO such thing as platonic love in the online marriage procedure in Pakistan.  One needs the comfort and reassurance with a touch of affection to show, that there is always someone to hold our hand when scared, someone to stop us with a raised eyebrow when one is about to make a fool of one's self in front of others, kiss away our tears when we are hurt and there is always a shoulder to rest on, and a 'magical embrace' when we are disappointed and need one's loved one for comfort after online marriage procedure in Pakistan. The only person who is with us most of the time is one's the better half, who can and does help us best, in times of need.  One's spouse is the person besides our parents and children,

Most Comforting of all Emotions:

before whom one can truly pour out all frustrations, anger, anxieties, fear, joy, victories and if one is close to each other, then even one's innermost thoughts can be shared.  Deeds are most important but the sense of touch is perhaps the MOST COMFORTING of all emotions!  Tolerance after the online marriage procedure in Pakistan is the bottom line to success

Many marriages are on the rocks due to the attitude towards the institution of marriage like the 'belief that 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus'. This is not true, both are from planet Earth and both are human. An intelligent couple knows when to keep quiet, when to 'voice an opinion and when not to speak out ones' mind. It is a scientifically proven fact that a woman is as intelligent as a man, so why should she be treated otherwise? Both should be loving and intelligent enough to put up with each other's shortcomings and tantrums.  Just try to keep your cool by controlling outbursts of anger and saying the first thing that comes in one's mind as one is too weak at that time to control emotions.  This is a true example of unbelievable self-control.  

Guidelines After Online Marriage:

Bitter words are like quinine--an anti-malarial tablet (I was allergic to as a child), and when it 'touched ones' tongue it left the bitterest of taste for hours! Marriage needs a lot of self-control and a spouse can only function best if there are genuine appreciation and acceptance of each other's handicaps.  Couples should be close enough to express their feelings about different people and things without a 'faux pas.'  Unlike some cultures, family closeness is most important, and once married through online marriage procedure in Pakistan, in-laws are most important. One should always remember that parents always want love and respect from their child's spouse. They have spent their whole life in bringing up your spouse and making him the person he /she is . . . Now all that they want is your presence or attention. Give time to your parents, as well as your in-laws. Never overlook the harsh reality that one's spouse cannot and does not love the parents of one's better half, in the same way as you love yours and that love begets love.