This year, on my birthday, my college roommate gifted me a book which bore the above name. I had never heard about the book or its author. It was a completely new genre for me. When it comes to reading novels, I am a bit ‘choosy’ as well as experimental. I want to try new and different genres but also feel hesitant about stepping out of my comfort zone. My roommate told me that this was one of her most favourite novels. She said that she knew that I don’t generally read novels of this genre but asked me to try it. Busy with reading the materials for my English Honours course, I couldn’t find the time to read it, but I promised her that I would read it as soon as my exams got over.

My exams ended. I breathed a sigh of relaxation. I was looking forward to a fun-filled holiday with Mum and Dad, and immersing myself in the world of novels. As promised, I picked up the novel. I must admit that initially when I started reading the novel, I felt a sense of unease. I also feared about what I would feel about the novel - Would I like it? What if I didn’t like it? What would I tell my roommate? She had said that this novel was very special for her. If I didn’t like it, how would I reply to her hiding my aversion to it? All these and many more questions filled my mind as I started reading the novel. The first few pages were a struggle - a tussle in my mind trying to get out of the comfort zone and the fear of expectations. But as I progressed through the pages, one thing became clear to me – whether I would like it or not didn’t matter. I was reading a novel and that was what I loved. I shed all my fears and started reading the novel as I did – enjoying each and every word and falling in love with writing and literature. 

Soon the magic of words caught me unawares. At some stage, I even felt a bit of similarity with the protagonist. I started experiencing the story, the characters, the emotions – everything. 

I wouldn’t tell even a bit about the story as I would like you to you discover it on your own – the story unraveling with each word. Being completely unaware of the story – the plot, the background or the author – having read just the blurb given on the book’s back cover, led me through a journey of discovery, faith and love. You might find certain views as opposing yours and be led to abandon the story midway, but don’t give in to your impulses. Every word in literature is meant to provoke and question your thoughts and emotions – it depends on us, the readers, to interpret it in the way unique to our own.

When I am looking for pleasure-reading, I usually prefer reading something light and known to me, but this adventure that I took was overwhelming and wonderful. While reading this book I took a journey through the unknown, stepped out of my comfort zone, and emerged with the addition of another book in my all-time favourites - “Three Daughters of Eve” by Elif Shafak. 

This book, which I finished reading just a few minutes before, like many of the others that I have read, once again left me in awe with the Power of Words and Literature.