Impotence or repeated penile failure issue in men is a side effect of diabetes like an issue for many men. Impotence is when a man is not able to have an erection firm enough, nor it can maintain it for long enough, for having some satisfying sexual intercourse while consuming Intagra. There are two types of impotence which are all mentioned below:

Physical Impotence

This might all result from damage to the nerves or blood vessels that might all control blood flow to the penile region. Hormone issues might also lead to some conditions like physical impotence. Occasionally, impotence is a side effect of medication, particularly medication for high blood pressure or a condition like depression.

Psychological Impotence

This can be all caused by a condition like fear, stress, worry, anger, or frustration like issues. Often such type of impotence might develop from “performance anxiety”, which is a man’s fear that he will not perform well while performing sexual intercourse on being high with Intagra. Stress caused by problems at work, by strains in a marriage or relationship like condition, by loss or bereavement, or by financial issues might lead to such impotence.

Things are all made more complicated as the two types of impotence can all happen in the same person at the same time.

Is Impotence Common In Men With Diabetes Condition?

Yes, very as diabetes association between 50 to 70 percent of men with conditions like diabetes develop this problem. The longer a man might have diabetes, the greater his chances are of developing the condition on consuming the Intagra pill.

Men with Type 1 diabetes are known to be more likely for experiencing impotence at an earlier age. Men who might have Type 2 diabetes (which usually develops in adulthood) might eventually not experience the issue until later in life. If a diabetes-like condition is out of control, this can all lead to some temporary sort of impotence.