Pram is a British term that is likely to be newborn in the United States of America. Pram is a babysitter or baby sitter with wheels to carriage newborn babies. It is a short form of perambulator, which means it is a baby carriage. The answer to this question of how long it should be a baby lie flat in prams is ambiguous because it depends on baby growth and baby comfort. Some baby after three or four months starting feeling uncomfortable while lying flat in the prams. Whereas some babies love to be lying in prams for more than six months. Some peoples often pin out the question is safe and healthy for a newborn baby to lie flat in the pram instead of the answer to this question how long should be baby lie in prams. The response of this question is yes, it is healthy for the newborn baby to lie flat in prams while and regular time because babies need to rest flat, this flat lie position makes breathe easily for to fulfil their oxygen need. Being lying flat for is also a strong position for babies in the development of the spine and hips correctly. 

According to some medical advisors, lie flat is also a productive and robust position for newborn babies because the baby's lungs are last to develop correctly in the womb. This position helps in lung development while lying flat in the pram or bed. Many research studies also have shown their result as in the babies who do not lie flat in the early days and months have effected oxygen saturation. But still, just a pram is not enough if it does not have a flat-lying position, then there is a need for the carrycot for babies. Carrycots are most often bought separately with prams nowadays carrycot is available in the markets, which have many features that it can get adjustable in prams. It can be added and remove while a necessity, and if you buy a pram, which is fully reclining seat features, then there is no need to purchase a carrycot. Even lounging seat features prams makes you and your baby's travel easier and comfortable. 

With the numerous health benefit of baby cribs and strollers, which makes your life easier and comfortable, there are several accidents also reported, which causes severe hurts to the babies while lying flat in the prams or strollers. There are many other things that need to consider while your baby is lying flat in the prams or carrycot to prevent prams accidents, always stay close to your baby while lying flat in prams and never leave your baby alone or unattended for a long time in the prams especially in the hot and cold weather does not put your babies prams in the sun. Always buckle your baby's harness and seat belt while taking them out for a prams ride. Be careful while opening or folding of your baby prams because small fingers of your baby can get caught in prams hinges. Ensure your baby's prams are neat and clean because uncleansed prams for a long time can cause illness many other diseases with germs and bacteria's so wash your baby's prams from time to time.