Mobile App Development Frameworks That Help Business Growth in 2022

Building a stunning mobile app that accesses a global audience is the foundation of your business. Furthermore, keeping in mind the proper collection of frameworks to employ while constructing a certain mobile app, encompassing technologies, databases, and platforms, is critical for developing a successful mobile app. We do, however, offer a plethora of complex frameworks that may be used to create a reliable and flawless mobile app for any business.

Let's take a brief look at what a mobile framework is before we move further.

Introduction to Mobile App Development Framework

Mobile application frameworks are a collection of libraries that provide an underlying framework for mobile app developers to use when creating apps for a certain environment. Furthermore, applications assist companies in expanding their user base.

Debuggers, toolsets, compilers, coding interfaces, and other components are all part of an app framework. As a developer, you'll need to know which mobile app framework to employ for your app and be more familiar with website languages like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

According to research, baby boomers, millennials, and Generation Z spend a lot of effort on their favorite applications, thus it's more important than ever to pay attention to the mobile app development foundation.

Top Mobile App Development Frameworks In 2021

React Native

Facebook created and manages React Native, one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks. This framework has swiftly gained popularity among app developers because of its ability to create apps that run on both Android and iOS platforms. Amazon Prime, UberEats, Airbnb, and Tesla are just a handful of the greatest React Native mobile app development frameworks.

When it concerns mobile app frameworks, it has beaten AngularJS a run for its money. Moreover, it is known for its high-quality performance and budget-friendly mobile app development framework as it needs low maintenance. 

It enables mobile app developers to create Android and iOS-compatible smartphone apps using only JS. To create JS code, React Native creates a hierarchy of user-interface components.

Flutter Framework

Is a free and open-source app framework offered by Google. It allows developers to construct a native mobile app with just one line of code. To create one app for two platforms, mobile app developers simply need one codebase and programming language (Android & iOS).

In March, Google noted a 10% month-over-month increase, with over half a million app developers using Flutter each month. Flutters' cutting-edge capabilities aid with rapid tests, functions, bug fixes, UI creation, and much more. Alibaba, Google Ads, and Cryptograph are just a handful of the mobile apps developed with Flutter.


This is an open-source and user-friendly framework that allows app developers to create native-looking iOS and Android mobile apps. Framework7 makes use of cutting-edge web technologies such as JS, CSS3, and HTML5. It also provides additional support for Svelte, Reacts, and Vue.js.

Action sheets, side panels, pop-ups, listviews, and other eye-catching UI components are all included in Framework7. Kidoverse, Wappler, Cyberbrain, and more mobile apps were created with Framework7.

Ionic Framework

Ionic is an open-source tool for creating cross-platform mobile apps utilizing web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It is regarded as one of the finest mobile app frameworks. Ionic is a better way to scale up contemporary app development. Furthermore, it creates reliable and sturdy commercial apps in less time for any platform.

This one is ideal for creating HTML5 hybrid mobile applications and progressive web apps (PWAs). Hybrid mobile apps combine the benefits of online and native apps into a single app with enhanced speed, greater support, and a consistent design across all platforms.

Pacifica, Untapped, JustWatch, and ChefSteps are some of the Ionic-based smartphone apps.

Xamarin Framework

The open-source framework Xamarin, which is controlled by Microsoft, is well-known for producing high-performance and native mobile apps utilizing the C# and.NET languages. App developers may reuse and exchange their current code over several devices.

Furthermore, if you're starting from scratch and want to use this framework, you should understand that it's backed by over 6000 engineers.

Xamarin is a must-have framework because it cuts costs by allowing developers to create apps for three platforms with a single code base (iOS, Android, and Windows).

JQuery Framework

This HTML-based framework is well-known for its entertaining and user-friendly interface. JQuery may be used to create mobile apps that are reactive to mobile devices. It supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Kindle, Blackberry, Firefox, and macOS.

This framework produces incredibly configurable designs for mobile applications using ThemeRoller and HTML5.

IBM, Facebook, Google, and others are among the major companies that use this mobile app platform. OpenTable, Ikea Sweden, Disney World, Slideshare, and others are just a few examples of well-known mobile apps that use JQuery.

Over to You!

The best mobile app development framework can help your company expand and succeed. You should be aware that a fantastic mobile app framework necessitates the usage of various languages, platforms, and functionalities in order to be worthwhile.

All you have to decide is which framework is ideal for your business, and to do so, you'll need the assistance of a top mobile app development company. 

You may consult with the best mobile app development company to assist you in selecting the finest mobile app framework for your business, technology stack, budget, and success.

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