Customer service is a mandatory part of every business. Effective customer assistance adds to the brand image. A completely satisfied customer stays back and promotes a brand among an extensive range of audiences. When you are outsourcing customer service, you have to ensure your offshore companies adheres to quality parameters and strives to improve customer assistance in the best way possible. 

If your offshore outsourcing company provides below level support service, customers either give a bad review or worse, take the exit never to come back. A quality assurance routine helps the team decipher the performance gaps and prevents the customer from abandoning the brand. Especially when outsourcing customer service, it is essential to follow a QA checklist and metrics for the team.

This checklist is based on 4 essential parameters of service: Efficacy, performance, productivity, and appeal. 


It measures the quality of customer service the team provides. Efficacy of a customer service team is measured on how fast customer calls are attended and how efficiently the problems are resolved.

  • The service representative was able to resolve the issue.
  • The resolution was accurate and satisfactory.
  • The representative was helpful and provided sufficient information.
  • Customer effort was reduced.
  • The service made use of all the resources required to solve issues.

Following metrics are to be analyzed for team performance:

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • First Contact  Resolution Rate
  • Replies per Ticket
  • Service Rating 


The performance focuses on how services are streamlined without forfeiting the quality. Time is precious for both customers and services teams. Quick customer assistance always adds value to the brand image.

  • The customer-agent conversation was concise.
  • The issues were resolved timely.
  • The resolution was intelligible.
  • The agent was inclined to know to solve more issues if present.
  • The customer did not lose patience.
  • The agent did not confuse between multiple customers.

Following metrics are to be analyzed for team competence:

  • Response and resolution time.
  • The number of calls forwarded.
  • Repetition of issues by the customer.

Productivity –

Productivity is measured on how much workload the outsourcing customer service team can handle, smoothly. Much of this is related to performance. The faster the service is provided, the fewer backlogs are created which reduces unwanted workload.

Productivity is not based on a single customer, but overall satisfactory service the team can provide. These are the metrics that must be maintained. 

  • The number of customer interactions.
  • Number of satisfies customers after an interaction.
  • The number of issues resolved successfully.
  • The ratio of service time to idle time.

Appeal –

Be it utilizing a self-stationed call center or outsourcing customer service, the appeal of the representative serves big time. There's a checklist you must follow, but no metrics are there to measure the appeal put forth to your customers.

  • Polite management of customers.
  • Positive and direct language used.
  • The immediate offer of help.
  • Avoidance of technical lingo unless necessary.
  • Informing customers everything about the next steps.
  • Thanked the customer and respected cultural diversity.

Providing this checklist for your customer service outsourcing team might appear as micromanagement. Ensure transparency as to why this checklist is important and how exceedingly essential is customer service for your business.