Nothing is as thrilling as the pleasure of riding a motorbike. Riding down alien roads, leaving behind a gush of wind, and heading for great and small destinations. The stress is high and so a higher degree of obligation comes with it. Commitment to the protection when jaunting on the skid. Riding is a joy. Riders need to equip themselves with the proper kind of defense gear such as motorcycle riding shirts, Motorcycle Cargo Pants, Kevlar gloves, helmet, riding boots, etc.

Although once riders have already invested in a proper helmet and a cozy riding jacket, have they forgotten the safety below the waist? It is just as critical as any other part of the body and likewise vulnerable to injury. Investing in the Motorcycle Cargo Pants for riding provides additional security when walking into the expanse of natural beauty.

EndoGear has emerged as a luxury riding protective style wear brand amongst other riding denim brands. The company believes in inspiring motorcyclists with the courage to discover the vast expanse of their wheelie while at the same time ensuring core comfort and safety. EndoGear has recognized the weather fluctuations in the US and has created high-quality riding denim that is ideally suited for the riders.

Let’s explore how EndoGear qualifies itself to be the manufacturer of Best Motorcycle Riding Pants providing added protection.

Motorcycle cargo pants

  • Use of Abrasion Resistant Inner Lining

100% use of Kevlar’s high abrasion and impact area fiber lining makes EndoGear’s denim a perfect alternative for riding on the rocky roads. Strengthened safety decreases the risk of ripping during any mishap.

  • Ultra Strengthening Negators

Level 2 knee and Level 1 D3O hip protectors licensed by the CE, keep the riders protected during a slip or impact. They’re a perfect combination of comfort and safety, even when traveling, giving the needed versatility in movement.

  • 12 Oz Denim Stretch 

A blend of 97 percent organic cotton and 3 percent polyester provides a rider with excellent fit and flexibility. Exactly made, these riding jeans are designed to give riders the greatest non-binding shape.

  • Adjustable Stretchy Panel

At the back of the waist and above the knee, the endurance-pro elastics offer maximum stability and support on and off the motorcycle. It is one of those pairs that anyone want to be seen wearing, without sacrificing on the design aspect.

  • Buttons and rivets made of a metal hull

These small metal bits are capable of holding the denim in places where the maximum strain and movement are experienced, attempting to make it last longer.

Wrapping up

It cannot be refuted that a pair of high-quality Motorcycle Cargo Pants can hurt the wallet, but it is an investment that is expected to last for a couple of years. Don't forget it's going to hurt more in a road rash than purchasing Kevlar jeans with additional protection. Therefore, it’s one of the safest bet if you rely on EndoGear and get all the best motorcycle gear from us as the quality and client satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.