It was back in December 2019 when through social media updates of the World literature academy of Bucharest located in Romania that Mr. Pant came to know of the European poetry championship 2020, and as he did attend the same back in 2019 in May in the same year, the organisers did expect him to contribute and try to be selected with his efforts on the spot and he was up for the same challenge as well.
Although this time the pattern was brand, the moment was going to be big and Mr. Pant being well known as a global author waits for such moment to grab, so he decided to contribute direct as an author and submitted his name in the Author with books category instead of the writers with single or multiple poems and as the challenge was different he hoped for a great response to come soon after completing the submission via email of his 2 known ebooks and transfering the fee and all he waited after that to have was a good news and get involved for future delight soon.
The submission process worldwide was open till 30th of January 2020 and Mr. Pant patiently waited for the great news to come, and as the february started to tilt, on its second sunday the news finally arrived and this time the moment was going to be big as the official web portal was going to be the platform where such announcement be made and he checked the list once it had come and he was on the moon as he found his name on the top in the list of the authors with books category contributing in the championship and he felt gratified to T S sir and Jury, his family members and his author team as well as all involved, and it was a great delight which he did share on face book and felt pleased with the responses as well.
All that matters now that how he will manage his presentation in the championship ceremony to held on 30-31st of May, the way he would have to consider the dates with his diploma exams also round the corner, and it all depends on the circumspect whether he would have this great joy or not with his two books namely Warming Boom and Warming Fumes to be displayed in such a big place, and hoping for all to go great in the coming months for now gratitude to all and its cheers from charlie...