T.R.P.............. hey guys how are you its been long time to connect with you today we gona talk about television rating point I think you all know about TRP but today we discuss about its effect to our mind in these days all show and even news Chanels are running for TRP very fast for them content is not important only TRP is wrathful they all are participating in TRP race and showing unnecessary and irrelevant things to us.

Producers and directors paid more money to channels for promoting their content much as they can ,that kind of activity will play by our mind to stock all these nonsense activity without any sense . 

So that we cant judge fake news and original its all because TRP because its a illusion to spread in social media like YouTube , twitter , advertisement , news channels and all others social media sites , fake news will spread very fast and it will be viral . 

As my personal experience today I’m not able to judge a genuine news in social media sides , memes all are viral in social media’s , democracy its not mean that you can say anything about anybody. 

Please don’t say anything about anybody without any proof and also don’t believe in fake news so its a big question how to know that what kind of news is original or fake , according to me first you check about the news on google and find out it source and read any other newspaper and article about it like Wikipedia and any government newspaper and government sites .

 So please do such kind of things to stop negative and fake news ...........