Quick tips of oral hygiene for everyone

1. Brush twice

Brushing twice seems like a tedious job but one cannot afford to miss it. You must follow it if you want a good oral hygiene. Preferably in the morning and before sleeping. The plaque deposition occurs on your teeth and if you don't brush and remove it, the teeth begins to decay. This process is slow but overtime the teeth will eventually decay.

2. Carry mouthwash

It is not possible to brush twice every time specially during travels. Hence one should carry a mouthwash. It also helps before surprise dates   . Although it is not an alternative, it can make do for an occasion or two. Since it does not remove the plaque as effectively as a toothbrush does, toothbrushes should not be replaced with mouthwashes

3. Rinse after every meal

Since we it is not possible for all to carry toothbrushes everywhere, we must make it a point to rinse our mouth after every meal. Not only does it prevent plaque formation but it also prevents halitosis (bad breath). It helps eliminate all food particles after a meal which if left untreated will attract bacteria initiating the process of tooth decay.

4. Brush effectively

Many people believe that spending 5-10 minutes brushing your teeth will guarantee them a bright smile. However brushing the right way even if just for 2 minutes will give you the results. Modern bass brush technique (for adults with healthy teeth) says that one should keep their brush at an angle of roughly 45 degree and push out the food particles from the bottom of the tooth to its exterior instead of just rubbing its surface horizontally and vertically.

5. Choose a good toothbrush

It is recommended that people should use only soft bristles toothbrush as hard ones might hurt your gums. You can use electric toothbrushes (tips for the lazy ones). Toothbrushes come in various sizes as well. Make sure your toothbrush is flexible enough to reach even the last molar and clean all its areas. Remember to give the kids a smaller size. 

6. Be careful about your toothpaste

It is also important to select a right toothpaste according to your type. There are broadly 3 types of toothpaste: universal, sensitivity and whitening. Universal could be used by anyone although for children there are different toothpastes. Sensitivity and whitening ones should be used after consultation. Since whitening ones can cause harm to your teeth in the long run. Make sure your toothpaste is IDA (India) and ADA (American) approved because they match the requirements of global dental hygiene standards.

7. Brushing 10 times a day wont help.

Brushing ten times a day can do more harm than good because it causes abrasion of your teeth. Over-brushing can lead to sensitive teeth and receding gums. Brush only twice a day and not vigorously. You can brush a third time in case you consume too much chocolate or if you feel like.

NOTE: Consult a dentist every 6 months, come what may.

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